Household Energy: How to Salvage Your Energy Bill

With so many possibilities there is surely something you can do right now.

Waste can be costly. One area where many of us are especially wasteful is at home. We leave lights on in rooms we’re not using; the thermostat is left at our preferred comfort level when we’re out for the whole day and we procrastinate when it comes to fixing a leaking faucet. However, by tackling these issues we can save hundreds of dollars every year. If we take that money and invest it into our home, the savings will compound greatly. In some cases savings can be found by switching energy providers, as some Australians have done with Lumo Energy, but for those without alternatives we have additional information.

Is Everything Sealed?

We all know that we have to close doors and windows, or the hot and cold air will escape. However, what we sometimes forget is the fact that doors and windows are essentially giant holes in the side of our house. Improperly sealed windows essentially send a stream of pennies out your window, and for no reason. Caulking and sealing costs almost nothing, and can be done in minutes. You can also add a film to your older windows to add the effect of more insulation. It really is amazing how much energy and money something like this can save you in the long run.

Are You Thermostat-Conscious?

If your home is left empty for long periods, or you spend nights away from home, then you need to dial down the thermostat. Cooling and heating an empty home is going to cost you, and there’s no value in it. With a mere 3 degree difference you may find that the home is still comfortable, and the savings impressive.

Rent Your Roof & Make Money

Some people spend money to put solar panels on their roof, and then they get it back about 3 times over the course of 20 years. Others have been getting solar panels for free! There are businesses that will pay you so they can put panels on your roof. You won’t see a different electric bill, but you’ll get paid, and your home will be part of the solution as the panels transmit that power back into the grid, reducing the need for fossil fuels.

When you don’t think energy-consciously you are wasting money. By following these simple concepts you can save some money, and even make some. But it does not end here. The latest light bulbs bring fast results, and some homeowners have been using fans instead of A/C. With so many possibilities there is surely something you can do right now.

Kara Masterson, the author of this article is a freelance writer from Utah.
She enjoys tennis and spending time with her family.

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