5 Vegetables You Can Grow Vertically

All you need is a little planning and imagination to get your vertical garden up and growing in no time.

Out with the old and in with the new way of gardening— vertical gardening everybody! Even with limited space, growing your vegetables is anything but impossible. All you need is a little planning and imagination to get your vertical garden up and growing in no time.

Once you have created your garden, here are 5 vegetables you can grow vertically.

  1. Cucumbers

Raising sweet, delicious cucumbers in a vertical garden is fun and easy. There is nothing more refreshing than picking fresh cucumbers from the garden to include in your salad for dinner. Even if you are new to vertical gardening, you’ll find it easy to succeed with cucumbers.

Grow the vine variety, since they climb naturally and are less likely to be affected by pathogens. You can use a wire cage or trellis, which makes harvesting cucumbers easier.

  1. Tomatoes

Vertically grown tomatoes are clean and of high quality. If you could grow only one crop in your vertical garden, it should be these colorful little jewels that sing with flavor. Once you give them proper love and attention, tomatoes can be highly productive in vertical gardens.

Growing tomatoes vertically keeps the fruits clean, away from pests and makes harvesting them a breeze. However, to grow these cherished fruits, you need to make sure that your vertical garden receives enough sunlight.

  1. Squashes

Squashes are notorious gangly gangsters of the vegetable plot. They have sprawling stems that spill out every way leaving no room for other vegetables. But this needn’t be the case if you want to grow these space-hungry divas.

All you need to grow your squashes is your thin space and a sturdy, secure support. You can grow different varieties of squashes such as Sweat Meat, Butternut, Acorn or Kabocha. They all come in a nice orange color that is well packed with fiber and vitamin A.

  1. Peas 

peasPeas are the ideal first crops for the beginner vertical gardeners. They are a little powerhouse since they are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. And the best news of all, every part of the pea plant is edible!

You can grow them up with trellises, cages, wall pockets or multilevel raised beds for a bountiful harvest in the smallest of spaces. Within just a few weeks of planting, you can enjoy delightful early flowers and their succulent, sweet pods.

Peas are natural climbers, and they will readily monkey their up any trellis which makes them a must have veggies for small-spaced vertical farmers.

  1. Peppers

If you have a sunny vertical space, peppers are top choices. They look great on a vertical garden, and homegrown peppers have an added taste dimension.

Peppers are relatively easy to grow compared to other vegetables and come in many varieties such as the very mild sweet peppers, bell peppers, and the fiery hot jalapeno. They also come in many different colors, making them great for any patio, seeing that they bring a lot of color and greenery.

You can either grow your peppers from seeds or starter plants. Also, make sure your garden receives plenty of sunlight since peppers require 6-8 hours of sunlight each day.

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