Green State of Mind: How to Achieve It

If you’re unsure where to find the ECO mental switch and how to turn it on, here are a few useful ideas to help you out.

Green seems to be the new black in all aspects of life these days: food, fashion, beauty, design, business, you name it, it’s already gone – or is going – green. But while environmentalists rejoice over the mass transition to eco-safe living, there’s always room for green ideas to grow an inch taller. To make eco-friendly ways stick, the mindset of the general public needs to change, too. Fortunately, achieving the green state of mind is far easier today than it was a few decades ago – and if you’re unsure where to find the ECO mental switch and how to turn it on, here are a few useful ideas to help you out.

Super-Green Housing Deal

Just like charity, eco-friendly action begins at home. To get your housing game onto the green lane, swap standard materials for their sustainable counterparts, such as natural stone, bamboo, wood, and fabrics crafted from organic fiber. The list of home updates worth a green-minded homeowner’s buck also includes insulation updates and use of energy-efficient appliances and water-saving gizmos such as low-flow faucets and aerators, dual-flush toilets, and tankless water heaters. For a cool bonus, environmentally friendly accessories such as upcycled furniture, green grass pavers, and garden racks crafted from discarded palettes will amp your property’s visual appeal and instill your space with a whiff of vintage charisma.

Let There Be Green Lighting


Lighting is another aspect that can make or break your home, sweet home’s green comfort. The sun is the cleanest and most affordable source of illumination, so if you want to give a green light to eco-friendly living, you can install a couple of extra windows or have classic single-glazed panes replaced by their double- or triple-glazed counterparts. To max out on natural light, you can replace heavy drapes for light curtains crafted from organic fabrics such as jute, cotton, or hemp fiber, or install bamboo shades to keep UV rays at bay on hot summer days. And if you want to keep Boogeyman off the home perimeter at night, you can swap incadescents for LED or CFL bulbs and hack energy savings and eco luminosity by a single green switch.

Food for Eco-Safe Thought

Nothing tastes sweeter than a green feast – or at least that’s what latest figures show. Organic food and beverages are beneficial to both human health and the environment, and judging by the market outlook, more and more consumers are waking up to the gains behind all-natural food. If you want to achieve the green state of mind, you’d better start from the belly, and feed it meals prepared with organic ingredients. If you live in a house with a spacious backyard, you can start your very own organic garden and reap the delicious fruit of your labor come harvest time. In case your home’s on the smallish side, an organic herb garden will make a cute touch that will keep your kitchen subtly scented by natural aromas and your meals deliciously laced with fresh tinges.

Clean As a Natural Whistle


Conventional cleaning supplies are an environmental hazard to be reckoned with, which is why you should swap them for eco-friendly counterparts if you want to greenify your home from the floors up. On top of environmental benefits, vinegar- and baking soda-based solutions are also cheaper and healthier than chemical-based detergents, degreasers, and other cleaning supplies, so you’ll be hitting three birds with a single green blow. Another home act you can clean up with eco-friendly alternatives, toiletries and cosmetics crafted from organic ingredients are better for your skin, hair, and nails, and they will also help prevent premature aging and keep you preserve youthful looks for a couple of decades longer.

Eco-Fashionista by Nurture


A few years ago, green fashion went wildly pop – and it stayed in vogue way ever since. Much to delight of eco-fashionistas, more and more clothing brands are endorsing environmentally safe production and distribution procedures, and if you don’t have a few green pieces in your closet already, you’re lagging behind hot fashion trends. To top off the eco-friendly state of mind with a green change of heart, modify your shopping habits and opt for sustainable fashion whenever possible. Fashion accessories such as belts, jewelry, and bags crafted from renewable materials will be a perfect finishing touch to round off your eco getup, and if you want to do a green deed for your community at the same time, you can buy them from local craftsmen.

Environmental protection isn’t just a cause you can endorse on LinkedIn and call it a day; it’s an obligation for each and every one of us if we’re to leave Planet Earth a better and safer place for generations to come. The planet needs us; if we ignore its call for help, we’ll only be shooting ourselves in the leg. Be smart and act accordingly; go green today and ensure a bright future for both your older self and your kids.

Emma Joyce, the author of this article, is an interior designer. She is always in
the process of searching new styles, inspirations, and advice on how to renovate and decorate.

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