Green Engineering the World: How You Can be an Influence

Green engineers are on the front lines of developing new methods of sustainability, so why would you not want to be one of them?

There is no debating that there is an environmental crisis happening in the world today. But what can you do about it? For those with a civil engineering degree, green engineering is an outstanding way for you to use your expertise to help the planet.

What is Green Engineering?

Green engineering is essentially what it sounds like: Designing and implementing processes that reduce pollution and promote ecological sustainability. In short, it is civil engineering with a green twist. But what does it look like in action?

A lot of green engineering is conducting research on the different ways that people can go about protecting the environment. This means that green engineers will look at alternative ways to do traditional practices: e.g. sustainable ways to run a business.

This is what green engineering is in the abstract. What can you do as a green engineer, though?

What Can You Do?

The first step is, of course, to get a civil engineering degree. While a bachelor’s is a good first step, your end goal should be a master’s. Of course, going back to school can be a daunting task, even for someone that already has a bachelor’s.

One way to receive an education is to pursue an online civil engineering master’s degree. This will provide you with a quality education without the hassle of commuting to a physical campus. For those that have not been to college in a long time, this route is often the most appealing.

Alright, but what do you do once you have your civil engineering degree? The short answer is that you can start doing research and working for environmentally-focused groups. The EPA is a popular choice for those interested in green engineering.

Alternatively, you can find work in the private sector. Plenty of businesses are seeking ways to improve the sustainability of their practices and that often means hiring a civil engineer to help them decide what to do. With your expertise in green engineering, you can do a world of good for sustainability efforts.


Green engineers are on the front lines of developing new methods of sustainability, so why would you not want to be one of them? If you feel yourself called to this career, do not hesitate to pursue it. You will find a rich, fulfilling career while simultaneously helping preserve the planet for future generations.

Lizzie Weakley, the author of this article, is a freelance writer.


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