Water Saving Starts with the Bathroom

Getting into a water saving mentality starts with you, as an individual – the best you can do is practice this and be a role model for others!

No room experiences as much water flow as the bathroom does, so saving water should definitely start here.

Water shortages are set to become a global problem in the not-so-distant future and getting into the water-saving mentality as soon as possible is hugely important; as a bonus, you’ll get a water bill reduction.

Here are some water conservation tips for your bathroom.

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The majority of time spent in front of your bathroom sink boils down to brushing your teeth and shaving. The sound of running water may be pleasing to you, but other than that, you achieve nothing by leaving the faucet on while brushing your teeth; nothing but water wasting, that is. When it comes to shaving, rather than keeping the water flowing, use short faucet splashes to rinse the shaving foam and hairs off your razor.

Another solution here would be installing low-flow faucet aerators in your bathroom sink – this will save you gallons.


Showers doubtlessly tend to waste more water than sinks do and the water flow here is much more difficult to control. Try not to keep the faucet running while applying soap in the shower, regardless of the fact that you love that steamy feel. Just crank up the hot knob when rinsing the soap off; despite the fact that you will spend more hot water from the boiler, in this way, you are making sure that you conserve water in general; and spending more electricity is always a better choice than wasting water.

Waiting for the water to warm up in the shower isn’t quite the same as waiting for the water to warm up in your sink – your hands can take a beating, but your body doesn’t play well with cold water, especially during winter. This being said, you will have to let some water flow before things get all warm and cozy. Well, put a bucket in the shower while you’re waiting for the water to warm up and use the gathered water for plant watering, toilet flushing and cleaning!

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Sure, lying down in warm water and relaxing feels great, but filling your bathtub wastes tremendous amounts of water. Stick to showers instead and only treat yourself with a relaxing bath on occasion.


Well, there is no way to flush your toilet consciously; not unless you get a low-flow toilet, and every plumber in Melbourne will recommend this! Alternatively, put a plastic bottle filled with water in your toilet tank – this will reduce the water spending per flush.

Leaky toilets are huge water guzzlers, so you should check for leak(s) by putting dye or food coloring into the tank. Watch for the dyed color – if it appears in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak that you should fix!

Don’t flush after each use! Yes, this might sound ridiculous, but there really is no need to flush after every number 1 visit. Simply put the toilet lid down and leave it be.

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Inspire Yourself to Save Water

Water saving isn’t something that is always on your mind and this is perfectly understandable. Buy a couple of water saving stickers to always remind you that you should pay attention to the water consumption. Just keep pushing yourself towards a water saving mentality and you will get used to it. Remember, it takes 66 days to form a habit!

The majority of beings can’t function without water and we, as humans, are a part of this group. Getting into a water saving mentality starts with you, as an individual – the best you can do is practice this and be a role model for others!

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