Non-Woven Bags vs Paper Bags

Plastic bags pose a great threat to the environment as it’s virtually impossible for them to degrade, at least during our lifetime. The world is drowning in plastic and many retail stores offer eco-friendly paper bags that are 100% biodegradable as an effort to protect our planet.

They don’t pose any threat to marine life, especially turtles and albatrosses which are among the usual victims of plastic bags, and they don’t pollute oceans. That’s great, isn’t it? Well, the other side of the coin is not that bright and shiny. There are some not as environmentally friendly aspects of paper bags that have been discovered in recent years.

What are we going to do? Are we supposed to carry around baskets or similar cumbersome containers? Actually, there’s an option that is ecological, practical and fashionable all at the same time – non woven bags.

The Weight of Paper

Once the world has become aware that plastic bags are hazardous on many levels, paper bags were offered as an eco-friendly solution. But, as time went by, scratches began to appear in that green façade of environmentally acceptable paper bags.

According to recent research studies, they emit lots of global warming gases, pollute water and, ironically, they’re more complicated to dispose of than previously thought. Let’s not forget that countless trees have to be cut, and numerous habitats destroyed in order to produce paper, and that’s just the beginning.

On the other hand, non woven bags are made out of recyclable and recycled materials such as polypropylene. In other words, non woven bags are made out of recycled plastic that would end up in some landfill if it hadn’t been used for this purpose.

In addition to that, once you throw it away, it can be re-created into a new bag. Those colorful bags are even more eco-friendly than cotton bags as it takes even less energy to create them. To put it in a nutshell, non woven bags are not only friendly towards the nature but they also help it get rid of plastic waste.

non-woven bags1Another important feature of non woven bags is that you can use them over and over again. Paper bags can be used just once or maybe twice and after that they’re no longer functional. How many times have you put your groceries in a paper bag, proud of yourself for being so ecologically aware, only to have to pick up all those apples, cans and bottles from the pavement 5 minutes later, because that environmentally-safe bag split in half? That’s something that you can avoid if you use non woven bags, as they are durable and reusable. They can even be machine washed if they become dirty.

Looks Matter

It’s true that some paper bags have interesting and innovative designs, but as we have already concluded, that’s not long lasting. Now, non woven bags started out modestly in the looks department, but nowadays you can choose from a wide palette of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Combine them with your outfits, adjust their style with various occasions and be creative. It’s not even too far-fetched if we say that certain, well-designed non woven bags can be considered a fashion statement. They’re 100% waterproof meaning that your groceries, books, or any other stuff won’t become soaking wet during a spring shower.

Apart from being very cool and colorful, they are an excellent way of marketing and branding. Fashionable printed non woven bags can serve as very effective promotional items, since companies can put their logos on them. They’re great for various events such as conferences, trade shows, and even some classy happenings like exhibitions.

This adds a completely new meaning to that business phrase about making your customers walking advertisements for your company. Their price is very affordable which means that your walking advertisement will return the initial investment in no time.

The choice between a plastic and a paper bag is that between the devil and the deep blue sea (full of plastic debris). Luckily, this dilemma can be easily resolved by selecting non woven bags. This little gesture can, in the long term, contribute to healing our planet and make it blue and green again.

Alex Williams, the author of this article, was born and raised in beautiful Sydney.
She is a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck.
Alex believes blogs are the perfect opportunity  for presenting herself to a wider
audience and getting the chance to showcase expertise and
receiving recognition. Alex is a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.


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