Global Warming Is Making Its Presence Felt: Stay Aware

Even a slight increase in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause a substantial increase in the temperature.

The increase in the Earth’s surface temperature due to the emission of various greenhouse gases is Global Warming. These gases are emitted from burning of fuels, deforestation, chemicals, appliances, etc. The gases instead of escaping from the earth’s surface get trapped, thereby creating a greenhouse effect.

The major reason behind this greenhouse effect is the rise in concentrated CO2. Even a slight increase in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause a substantial increase in the temperature. Also the CO2 stays in the atmosphere for a very long time.

It is believed that humans are responsible for the increase in CO2 emission. This is majorly due to rise in fossil fuel combustion and also due to other evidences found in the nature. Because of the global environmental issues, there can many repercussions that will affect all living beings on the earth.

Natural Disasters

With rise in temperatures, there will be an increase in natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, and tornadoes. The rising temperature levels increase the chances of melting of polar ice sheets, sea ice, and glaciers.

This in turn leads to landslides. Due to the melting of ice, the amount of water present in oceans and seas are increasing and sea levels are rising. This in turn gives rise to floods. Also, due to global warming there are heat waves that are created. These heat waves are extreme and can cause heat-related diseases, storms, and wildfires.

Droughts are the effect of such heat waves. The entire land gets dried out causing temperatures rise. The sea will rise thereby leading to coastal flooding on the nearby areas. Conservation and protection of environment is utmost necessary for a better future.


Many organisms thrive or sustain their growth at higher temperatures. If the world faces natural disasters such as droughts, storms, and floods, there will be a rise in disease-causing organisms. There will be an increase in water-borne and air-borne diseases. Organisms such as mice, ticks, and mosquitoes will increase ten-fold, giving rise to all kinds of diseases and health problems. Allergies, asthma, and infectious disease epidemics will become common due to augmented growth of pollen-producing ragweed, pollution, and storms.


Finance – With increase in natural disasters and the temperature rise, the country will face agricultural damage. Also, reconstructing these building structures that are affected by natural calamities will require huge revenues.

Food – Global warming will affect people and people will have to move in search for better survival. Forests, farms, and cities will face new pests, heat waves, heavy downpours, and flooding. All these factors will damage or destroy agriculture and fisheries.

Ecosystems – With the rise in global temperatures, endangerment and loss of species will also rise. The aquatic ecosystem including killer whales, sea otters, sea urchins, sea lions, and fish populations, will slowly diminish due to loss of plankton.

Biodiversity – The increase in carbon dioxide levels will deplete our ecosystems. There will be reduced food supply, energy resources, clean air, fuel resources, fresh water supply, and all other essentials we need for a healthy and convenient living.

Islands – With the glaciers melting and rising sea levels, some of the islands will disappear. Also, the melting Arctic ice from global warming will make the passage over North America traversable again.

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