4 Tips For Making Your Move Go Green

There are plenty of ways for households to reduce the environmental impact when you decide to move.

There are plenty of ways for households to reduce the environmental impact when you decide to move. From making service arrangements with movers who have an established reputation for minimizing the impact their operation may be having on the natural world to donating unwanted items and possessions to green charities, there are plenty of options and ideas that can help ensure a more eco-friendly move. The following five tips can all make an important difference.

Donate Items Ahead of a Move

Donating items is a great way for households to live up to the old axiom of “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Lightening the load ahead of a move can make the entire process much simpler and can help to reduce the amount of tips and fuel needed to complete the move. There are also numerous environmental charities that accept goods, furnishings and other items that can ensure donations are able to make an even bigger impact.

Investing in Sustainable Packing Materials

Finding more sustainable options for packing materials can lessen the overall environmental impact of a move, especially for households that have a lot of possessions. Utilizing sustainable packing materials can help to minimize the amount of plastics and other non-sustainable waste products and materials that find their way into natural ecosystems. Purchasing recycled cardboard, finding boxes that can be reused and seeking out biodegradable packaging materials that will not pose a threat to the natural world can all be very helpful.

Hire a Professional Moving Service

Professional movers, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, may have a great deal more to offer than many clients and households might expect. Working with a professional can ensure that the entire moving process can be completed without problems or issues. From the resources needed to properly prepare for a move to the service solutions that will eliminate additional trips and efforts, dealing with an experienced professional can provide many ways to ensure a greener and more sustainable move.

Making Less Trips During a Move

Another helpful green moving tip is to complete the process with fewer trips. When it comes to shrinking the carbon footprint of a household, every little bit helps and many households may be surprised to learn just how much carbon dioxide a moving truck may produce during even a short trip across town. Proper planning, selecting the right vehicle or dealing with an experienced professional who had the know-how needed to ensure a more efficient move can all be beneficial.

Overall, there is so much you can do to help save the environment while you move. These may be some tips that you have never thought of, but they can be super effective. It really is amazing how just a simple change to your routine can make a huge difference.

Kara Masterson, the author of this article, is a freelance writer from Utah.

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