Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

Have you ever thought about the type of windows you have in your home? If not, you are probably unaware that you have single glazed windows.

Have you ever thought about the type of windows you have in your home? If not, you are probably unaware that you have single glazed windows. However, you might also be unaware of the fact that there are double glazed windows, and that they are a far better alternative. Look closely at the following advantages of these windows, and you just might be tempted to try and fit them into your home.

Temperature Insulation

Above all else, double glazed windows are great insulators. These windows are created by trapping various types of inert gases between two panes of glass. These hermetically sealed gases create an insulating layer, reducing the emission of heat through the glass.

Energy Conservers

image 1 (2)Since they are great insulators, double glazed windows are also amazing at conserving energy. With normal, single glazed windows it will be difficult to keep the warmth in during winter, and the heat out during summer. As a result, you would have to turn up either the heater or air-conditioning in an effort to adjust the temperature. With double glazed glass, however, the room temperature remains the same regardless of elements, so there is no need for further electricity consumption.

Limiting Moisture

By maintaining the temperature, double glazed windows also limit condensation and decrease indoor moisture. During winter, the moisture on your window surface can freeze, further cooling the inside of your home. Additionally, according to CDC, moisture is the main reason why house mold appears, and glazed windows can help prevent that from happening.

Reducing Noise Pollution

Due to the extra two layers (glass plus gas), double glazed windows are also thicker, which makes them more soundproof. Sound waves have a harder time passing through the vacuum created between two panes of glass. This can greatly decrease noise pollution, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

Increasing Home Security

image 3 (1)Because of the hermetically tight seal between two panes of glass, double glazed windows are also harder to break. This increases your home security, since it takes more than three times the force to break this type of window. In addition, they are tougher to force open from the outside, even with lock pickers and other burglar tools.

Light Insulation

Another great thing about double glazed windows is that they are also light insulators. Because they contain inert gas like Argon or Neon, double glazed windows help reflect UV lights from passing on an atomic level. This means all the light that passes through them is natural and safe, and doesn’t harm people, nor the furniture in its closest proximity.

Great Money Savers

Although it is a substantial initial investment, in the long run, double glazed windows help you save money. Due to their many insulator benefits they cut your home’s energy requirements by half. Also, according to experts for double glazed windows from Sydney, real-estate properties that have double glazed windows installed tend to improve property value. This way, you can reap the financial benefits even if you intend to sell your property.

Improve Quality of Life

Double glazed windows also improve the quality of life of anyone living in a home with this form of insulation. They create optimal living conditions, mainly through regulating room temperature, which makes the adaptation when you come inside far less radical.

Friendly to the Environment

Similar to wall insulation, double glazed windows are environmentally friendly, as well. Even if they break, the natural inert gas trapped inside is also eco-friendly, while the glass itself can be recycled for later use.

Finally, despite being a costlier alternative, the benefits of double glazed windows outweigh its faults. So, if you are a home owner looking to save money, improve your quality of life at home and protect the environment at the same time, you should seriously look into adding double glazed windows to your home.

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