4 Reasons Why You Should Be Heating Your Office with Propane

Propane is the ideal choice because it is not only reliable but also environmentally friendly, economical, and readily available.

When it comes to heating your office, there are many major decisions that you need to make. One of these decisions is what to use in your heating system. Most astute business owners prefer propane because it gives them many benefits. Here are four reasons why you should be heating your office with propane just as they do.


Propane is an approved fuel listed in both the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the 1990 Clean Air Act. This gas is nontoxic and insoluble in water. If someone spills this gas at your workplace, it will cause no harm to your employees if they inhale it. By using it, you also can cut emissions and protect the environment.

Readily Available

Since propane is created from natural gas and petroleum, it is readily available in many parts of the world including the U.S. Ninety percent of propane that is used in the U.S. is produced locally. Propane can become liquid under pressure. So, it is an energy source that can be used anywhere.


Using propane is a great way to reduce your overhead expenses. This fuel is far much cheaper when used to heat a building than electricity and many other sources of energy are. The cost savings can go up to approximately 50 percent. If you want to heat your water, then propane water heaters are a much better deal for you than anything else.


If you depend on propane, you can expect to benefit from it without interruptions for decades after installing the system into your office. However, with electricity, you are prone to losing energy during power shortages. You can use Powerblanket patented technology to protect and cover your propane tank. Cold temperatures can freeze liquids stored in frac tanks, and this can result in delays and downtime in some cases. This technology offers freeze protection for frac tanks of various sizes and shapes. Additionally, propane tanks provide some safety for your employees should any emergency occur.

Most office buildings have various large spaces, which makes it important to use a proper heat source. Without a reliable energy source, you may lead a very difficult life, especially during winter. Propane is the ideal choice because it is not only reliable but also environmentally friendly, economical, and readily available. If you want to move to a new office, consider installing a propane tank to supply the energy you need and reap all these benefits.

 Lizzie Weakley, the author of this article, is a freelance writer.


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