Raising Kids in Healthy Environment: Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Raising children in a healthy environment ensures that they develop and grow into strong and healthy adults.

The air is essential element of our lives. By living and being surrounded by stale air, you put your life on the line and expose yourself to several potential respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Air quality is extremely important when it comes to kids and their early life development.

In order to ensure that your kids grow up strong and healthy, you have to create a healthy environment for them to live in and ensure that they have enough fresh air.

Here are some ways in which you can improve your home’s air quality.

Ventilate the house

The key to having the air constantly circulating through your house is ventilation. Try to do it several times a day: every morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and even sometimes before sleep. Having fresh air in the room stimulates your brain function, lets you have a better focus and prevents headaches. Keep the house ventilated by simply opening a window or terrace doors and get rid of all that accumulated stale air.

Clean your home

5One of the most important factors of having a healthy environment is cleaning your home regularly. Dust and other particles tend to fall and collect on your furniture, carpet, bed and sheets. When collected enough, they get dispersed by every motion you or your child make and are all over the air which you then inhale.

When living in these conditions, respiratory problems are likely to occur. The natural defense against these problems is constant cleaning of your home; this includes dusting and vacuuming, as well as changing the sheets every few days. Clean home equals healthier environment for your child to live in.

Plants are awesome!

Having a few greenies inside your home creates more than a few benefits. For starters, green color tends to relax your brain and stimulates your brain cells. Secondly, plants consume all air impurities and generate fresh oxygen which is essential for a healthy life. Not all plants are the same, so make sure you do your research on which plants you could keep and which you should avoid having in your home.

Purchase Air purifiers

Investing a dubious amount of money into a gadget that can potentially prevent all your health issues seems like a natural thing to do. Modern air purifiers are small, portable gadgets that can be placed anywhere. They are great for allergy suppression. Their purpose is to filter the air and their maintenance is simple: clean and replace the filter every few days. They’re a revolutionary invention, and each family should have them at least inside their child’s room.

Replace AC with ceiling fans

Air conditioning systems are known to cool us off during hot summer days and keep us warm during cold winter nights. However, AC tends to have a side-effect: they keep filtering the same air over and over. Having this in mind, you might want to replace them with ceiling fans. They are both cheaper and use less electricity to operate, which saves you some money on the bills. There are many different types of ceiling fans, and depending on the size of your child’s room you can choose between the larger and smaller ones, as well as many other that might fit your home. Ceiling fans are also great in reducing the heat during summer days, and are great at creating a comfortable environment for an afternoon nap.

Raising children in a healthy environment ensures that they develop and grow into strong and healthy adults. Do everything in your power to create a healthy environment for them to live and play in, and make sure you utilize the above mentioned tips.

tracey-claytonTracey Clayton, the author of this article, is a full time mom of three girls.
She’s passionate about traveling, fashion, home décor and healthy living.
Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”


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