Inspiring the Green in Your Business

Turning green doesn’t necessarily have to mean monetary loss; in fact, saving money, while decreasing the damaging impact on the planet, is more than possible.

Our environment is suffering – it has been for a while now, even before we ever realized the damage we are doing to our planet. Luckily, individuals, as well as companies around the world are slowly beginning to change their minds about eco-efficiency of their lives and are incorporating eco-friendly measures in order to minimize the damage to our planet. Luckily, turning green doesn’t necessarily have to mean monetary loss; in fact, saving money, while decreasing the damaging impact on the planet is more than possible.


The waste that we produce doesn’t simply disappear once you throw it away. It is taken to landfills for storage. Now, these landfills don’t exactly go anywhere. The items stored there will doubtlessly disintegrate at some point, but this all depends of the type of the material. Furthermore, some materials poison the earth by disintegrating, so this isn’t the way to go. Recycling these old items, however, could be. Make sure that the supplies you buy are either certified as biodegradable or as recyclable and brief all your employees about properly storing away the trash – that which is recyclable should be recycled.


Closeup of computer keyboard key in green color with three-arrow recycle and earth symbol and Recycle wordNow, reusing isn’t quite the same thing as recycling, although recycling does entail using previously used items. When it comes to reusing, this is an idea that depends on individuals, themselves – you should insist that your employees make the most out of used items.

For example, incoming cardboard boxes, fiber-padded envelopes, shredded paper and popcorn can be used for securing outgoing mail and packages.

The ideas are infinite and you should definitely encourage reusing as a part of your meeting agenda. Additionally, this can save you some money.

Easy on the Water

Did you know that water is said to be the future’s most demanded resource across the globe? With overpopulation that’s showing no signs of stopping, the Earth’s supply of drinkable water is dwindling fast. Make sure that your employees conserve it, not just because it’s disappearing, but due to the fact that delivering water to homes and offices takes a lot of energy.


There can never be enough green to help conserve the “green” of our planet. Planting trees and other greenery doesn’t only help support our environment, but provides more oxygen for your office, which has a hugely positive impact on your employees’ productivity. Furthermore, the sight of plants is generally calming and they aren’t really a drag to maintain – a bit of water every day will do the trick!

Check Your Soil

image-2-2What lies below and around your workspace can have a large impact on the environment – not only can this compromise it, but also threaten your workers’ safety. Geotechnical engineering experts can quickly help you determine the quality of the soil under and around your office – this is a valid investment, when it comes to maintaining the green of our planet.


If you intend to provide transport for your employees, for commuting to and from their workplace, think about buying bicycles. Not only will this help decrease the carbon footprint, but will also provide a good exercise for your workers, as well as a pay-off in the long run.


LED lights are the way to go, when it comes to being eco-friendly. In addition to paying off in the long run, by being more efficient than your regular lights, the LEDs provide a more natural source of illumination, which is hugely important for a workplace.

These are merely some ways of making your office more eco-friendly. You can come up with ideas of your own, by simply thinking about the Earth every now and again, at home, as well as in office!

Images via                                                                               Diana Smith, the author of this article, is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls. Diana is interested in topics related to home improvement and DIY.

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