How to Keep the Skin Hydrated With Natural Products

The best thing about using natural products is that they’re free of colorants, preservatives and fragrances.

With the first signs of winter slowly creeping in, a lot of us are turning to moisturizers to try and prevent dry, cracked skin that often results due to the colder weather.

Luckily there are a range of natural products that can be used to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin.

The best thing about using natural products is that they’re free of colorants, preservatives and fragrances.

The products we’re talking about here are homemade recipes, and they’re super simple to put together.

Top 10 Natural Hydrating Products

 #1 Lavender and Coconut Moisturizer

This natural moisturizer contains all the goodness from Vitamin E, Lavender essential oil and coconut oil, making it a potent dry-skin remedy that also smells heavenly! You can check out the full post from Live Simply if you’re interested in whipping up your own moisturizer at home!

#2 Aloe & Beeswax Lotion

We found this great healing beeswax & aloe lotion recipe on the Jenny Raincloud blog. Its super luxurious and can provide instant relief for very dry, flaky skin that’s clearly taken a beating from the elements.

#3 Cocoa Butter Lotion

skincareSuper simple to make and very healing for dry and damaged skin, this recipe from Hens and Honey is a go-to during the dry-aired winter months. All you need is a little coconut oil, some cocoa butter and a few drops of essential oils (totally optional), and you’re good to go.

#4 Lime Oil Moisturizer

Lime essential oil is great at soothing and smoothing skin, and it works perfectly on sensitive skin. The Gras Fed Girl combined the healing, moisturizing power of lime essential oil with a little coconut oil and some olive oil to whip up to whip up a luxurious lime body butter.

#5 Peppermint Soothing Moisturizer

Lauren Greutman, the brains behind I Am That Lady, has us hooked on her homemade body lotion. It packs a great nourishing punch since it contains coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, and vitamin E, which all work together to combat dry skin.

#6 Honey and Essential Oil Lotion for Eczema

Treating eczema isn’t a problem that only has to be tended to during the winter months, which is why we love this recipe from D.I.Y Natural. This eczema-busting lotion can be used all over your body to deeply moisturize and protect the skin, and the best part is: its super easy to put together.

#7 Epsom Salt Moisturizer

Epsom salt is a great ingredient to use if you’re trying to combat stress and strained muscles, but who would have thought that it could be used to treat dry, chapped skin? The GFCF Lady shows you how to increase the potency of organic body butters that you might already have at home. (By the way, we’ll discuss a great product that you can purchase online if you’re not a D.I.Y’er in just a bit!)

#8 Lavender Lotion Bars

skincare3Moisturizing bars cut out the mess that is associated with lotions and creams, and they’re easy to tag along wherever you go. For a quick and easy recipe, check out this great post by Gourmande in The Kitchen.

#9 Natural Oils Healing Salve

The Paleo Mama shares a great recipe for an all-purpose healing and hydrating salve. It can be used to moisturize dry skin, but will also help repair damages skin. With the addition of tea tree oil and lavender essential oil, this salve can also help provide relief for all kinds of nicks and scratches, which makes it great to have around if you have toddlers around the house!

#10 Shea Butter Moisturizer

If you’re not too keen on using coconut oil, then rest assured that there are plenty of alternatives to help you treat dry skin and keep it hydrated. Kristin from Live Simply shares a delectable body and face moisturizer on her blog that can be used on even the most sensitive of skins.

Seriously Not Into D.I.Y?

We get it. A lot of folks just don’t have the time, patience, or inspiration to sit down and make their own beauty products. The great news is that there are a lot of awesome products out there which are ready to be used and don’t require mixing and melting.

One of the products we love recommending is this Organic Body Butter from the Organic Bath Co. With a great mix of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Almond and Argan Oil, it can help replenish lost moisture levels in the skin and help lock in moisture. The results? Skin that feels smoother and looks silky, all without clogging your pores!

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