5 Ways to Bring Environmental Safety Awareness to Your Local Community

It is extremely essential to spread environmental safety awareness to everyone.

It is an unfortunate fact that 110 million Americans are surrounded with such high levels of air pollution that is extremely detrimental to the health of everyone. It is also sad that an annual subscription to the New York Times weighs well over five hundred pounds. How many trees do you think are killed for this?

That is why since everything dealing with the environment is in the hands of us humans, it is extremely essential to spread environmental safety awareness to everyone. How can this be done?

Here are five effective ways to bring consciousness of this particular issue to your local community.

#1: Post on social media

Social media platforms are the top ways to get information out to the world. With over 2.34 billion social media users worldwide, you are guaranteed that you will get the word regarding the importance of environmental safety out there. Post different solutions on how the world can become environmentally friendly.

#2: Talk to friends and family

This is an excellent way to get awareness out. Have a separate bin next to your trash can that is mainly for recycling products. When friends and family visit, instruct them to use your recycling bin for plastics, aluminum, and any other reusable items. Use this as a time to start a conversation about environmental safety techniques.

#3: Make it a PTA topic

Every parent is concerned about the health, education, and safety of their precious little ones, which is the primary mission of PTA meetings. If you are a PTA member, suggest having a meeting based solely on environmental safety and how both the school and parents can contribute.

#4: Talk to businesses

Businesses also contribute to environmental issues, especially the companies that manufactures waste. Such businesses use large machines called cranes to move heavy objects by suspending them from a projecting arm. These particular machines produce a large amount of carbon emissions, which is where their negative effect on the environment comes into play. Talking to these companies will be a great eye-opener for them. Fortunately, companies like Freo Group have already implemented protection of the environment as a vital parts of their business functions.

#5: Converse with church members

Bringing up the surrounding environmental dilemmas to your church may also prove successful as most religious individuals are interested in the well-being of society. Talk to your pastor about the subject and he may even bring it up in a future sermon.

If we humans used recycled paper for one day’s worth of the New York Times Sunday, approximately 75,000 trees would be saved. This is the direction the environment needs to head. With everyone working together to be more environmentally-conscious, the planet will be a healthier place to live. But until we spread the awareness and do something about our environmental problems, nothing will be solved. Let’s get together, talk, and come to an effective solution!

Lizzie Weakley, the author of this article, is a freelance writer.


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