Green in the Home: Six Green Features All New Homes Should Have

The latest green technology and home construction features offer advantages that all new homeowners would do well to consider.

From simple home upgrades to modern home building companies that allow property owners to incorporate the latest technology in a more sustainable home, there has never been a better time to go green at home. The following six features offer the most common, convenient, and effective ways to optimize your home efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Solar Screens and Windows

Traditional screens and windows may do little to curb unwanted heat transfer between interior and exterior environments. Solar screens may provide much needed shade while double-pane windows serve to minimize heat loss during the winter. These are found through most modern home building stores or by other third party options. For example, Hayden Homes offers double-paned windows on all their homes.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Operating washing machines, ovens, and other small home appliances may result in far greater expense than many households realize. Upgrading older appliances and investing in more efficient equipment options is an effective way to improve sustainability without having to sacrifice comfort.

Automated Irrigation

Ditching the hose and investing in an automated irrigation system offers numerous benefits. Programming the right watering schedule can reduce waste caused by evaporation or over-saturation, while providing homeowners with an easier way to deal with landscape maintenance.

Rainwater Collection Systems

green-in-the-home-six-green-features-all-new-homes-should-haveFor homeowners who are seeking ways to cut their water bill even further, rainwater collection and recycling systems can be a real asset. Harvesting and storing water each time it rains can provide property owners with a ways to water lawns, maintain exterior environments, and perform a range of common household chores without having to worry about higher utility bills.

Solar-Powered Water Heaters

Another effective way to reduce utility costs is to install a solar-powered water heater. A more sustainable and energy-efficient method to heat water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing can make a real impact when it comes to lowering household bills or creating the most sustainable home possible.

Home-Solar Installations

Solar installations allow homeowners to produce clean, renewable electric power on-site which can drastically lower monthly utility costs. The falling prices and increased power output of today’s panels have allowed more homeowners than ever before to enjoy the benefits of home solar installations.

A cleaner, more efficient, and more ecologically sustainable household offers many benefits. From homeowners who may be concerned about the environmental impact of their daily routine to property owners who are interested in finding ways to reduce monthly bills and expenses, the right equipment options can make a substantial difference. The latest green technology and home construction features offer advantages that all new homeowners would do well to consider.

Brooke Chaplan, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger.


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