5 Highly Unique Ways to Use Solar Energy for Your Home

Here are 5 highly unique ways to use solar energy for your home.

Solar energy is undoubtedly one of the best alternative energy options available today. Many homeowners around the world are enjoying the cost of savings as well as environmental benefits that are brought about by solar power.

Most people would argue that the cost of installing solar panels on their roof is too much to afford. However, that’s a popular belief that should not keep you from enjoying the free and renewable energy resource. With the advancement in technology, solar power has never been easier or more popular.

Here are 5 highly unique ways to use solar energy for your home:

Thermal Storage Tubes

Solar tubes are more popular in greenhouses or gardens. However, when creatively used, they can warm your house. These are modern, sleek and tall cylinders made of fiberglass that is filled with water. They have to be placed in a strategic location that gets plenty of sunlight.

During the day, they absorb maximum heat that can be used at night to warm a room or even a section of your home. Apart from heating your home, you can use them as dividers depending on the themes inside your house. They can be customized to fit your living space too. These tubes look like something of the future but they may be making their way into homes sooner than projected.

Solar Paint

Solar paint is another invention that seems a bit too far from becoming common but may be the next big thing. What if you need a coat of paint to turn light energy to electricity? It involves painting your home and the solar cells start generating energy. The paint contains dye-sensitive solar cells that are attached to titanium dioxide used in the paint. The mixture absorbs sunlight which is converted into energy.

Solar paint may not be as efficient as other solar technologies, but considering that it’s at infancy stages of establishment, you can be sure it will be a hit in the future. It is also easier to manufacture and use which is the main positive of the idea. This idea is definitely one of the cooler ideas out there!

Solar-Powered Water Heaters

Do you have to waste precious electricity or gas to heat water with an electrical heater? You could use the freely existing power of the sun instead. If you’re among those who want to conserve natural resources and save their energy utility bills, having a solar powered heater is the way to go. You can also look into alternatives like a solar generator that works similarly, but it is much more versatile.

The cost of maintaining the system is low, and they will help you save tons of money. Also, no need to worry about the huge electric bills in the winter; you only need to charge the units in the sunny days so that you can use them in the coldest ones.

Heated Pools and Tubs

The cost of keeping the pools heated is one of the main obstacles as to why people don’t get heated pools. Solar energy from solar panels is enough heat your pool just like water heaters and cylinder tubes. When the cold season arrives, you simply switch solar pool heaters for hot water.

There are special units that settle in water to generate heat from the sun. You just need about six hours a day of unobstructed sunlight to generate heat. You can enjoy a whole year of solar heating.

Solar Ovens

You can heat food through special ovens that capture sun rays. These ovens use a system of reflective materials that store enough heat to cook food at temperatures up to 350 degrees. The solar oven is not only an energy saver but also environmental friendly as it doesn’t need any fuel to operate.

It’s important to know that some solar ovens are less efficient than conventional ones which may affect the cooking duration. These can hold larger capacities than the conventional ones and are lighter. Besides they are more durable and safe to use with no hot surfaces that may lead to burns.


Solar power is taking the world by storm with the likelihood of solar-powered products being common, very high. Considering the rate at which our natural resources are being depleted, this is the best news. You have to take this opportunity to save money for years and improve the planet.

Like millions of other people, you also need to make the mental adjustments that you can embrace a healthier and cleaner world.

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