Simple, Yet Cost-Effective “Green” Solutions for Your Business

Today’s simple and mostly inexpensive green solutions can put your business on a sure footing. Research where you can and find out which processes will flow with your workday and industry best.

The verdict is in, and there’s no disputing the fact. Today, businesses in every industry are going green. Whether it’s by cutbacks and down-sizing, or by implementing a more self-sustainable platform, green is definitely a buzzword in today’s business climate. This article covers just some of the green solutions currently being applied to both startups and already established businesses. Many of these can be done on any size scale and can help you save money as well as protect the environment.

Less Paper Goods

Switching to post-consumer waste (PCW) paper, paper products, paper packaging, and using recycled paper material is one sure way to go. Better yet, digitize your office and business environment as much as possible by computerizing all invoices, statements, IRS tax and local state filings, and all other documentation. Make things accessible for customers, not just online, but through mobile apps as well. When there is more convenience for them, there will be less wasted material on your end as well.

Go Off-the-Grid

Cutting costs with electrically-powered appliances, office equipment, and factory equipment is a must when applying green solutions to a business. Not only turning off the lights at night, this practice also includes turning off the electrically run equipment and appliances that normally are left on such as computers, printers, air conditioning, and other items. If you’re thinking on using solar-powered technology, so are millions of other business establishments. Solar power panels, water-heating systems, and even newly developed solar-powered refrigeration and air conditioning systems are on the market today and can get you a better carbon footprint. By exploring alternative sources of power such as natural gas, wind generators, geothermal, hydro-power, and plant matter, the savings to your business as well as to the planet, increase even more. Learn more about how solar works and how it can be implemented so you can make the best decision possible for your business.

The Use Of Biodegradable Cleaners

Part of any green solution applied to a business or to a home environment, is the elimination of chemical cleaners and the introduction of environmental-friendly biodegradable cleaners. Not only will your use of these green cleaning agents reduce your carbon footprint, but your health, and that of your workers will improve dramatically as harsh toxins are removed from the environment. In some cases, your green solution can be as simple as using white vinegar and a bar of hand soap.

Using Compact-Fluorescent (CFL) or LED Lights

While the cost of these environmental-friendly light bulbs can be more than traditional light bulbs, they do last longer and use up less energy. Moreover, when you factor in the costs of taking a worker away from their desk to replace a traditional bulb, the cost becomes even higher. Savings over time can mount up to about $200 per bulb.

Get Energy-Efficient When Replacing Equipment

Thinking up a strategy to immediately (or gradually) replace conventional electric-generated appliances and equipment with either gas or solar-powered equipment, goes a long way in going green. If you include as part of your strategy, the purchase of energy-efficient equipment, such as Energy Star® products, you’ll find your eventual savings to be well worth it. The savings may not kick in until your break-even point when you first purchase the item, however, they’ll certainly be worth the investment which is what you really should be considering.

Get an Energy Audit

Scheduling a simple energy audit of your business, sometimes offered for free by your utility service provider, can lead to changes in your business that’ll pay off. Even something as simple as sealing the leaks and cracks on the property saves up to 20 percent off your heating and cooling bills each month.

Today’s simple and mostly inexpensive green solutions can put your business on a sure footing. Research where you can and find out which processes will flow with your workday and industry best.

Brooke Chaplan, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger.


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