How to Make Your Business Greener without Overspending

Be sure to invest in recycling projects and new initiatives to help make a difference.

As a business, making the choice to go green helps more than just the environment. It’s also a move that can be a great investment for long-term finances and energy-use. Making an effort to be more environmentally friendly can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways that your organization can effectively distinguish itself from a good margin of the competition. Not only will going green help you stand out much more in your market, but it will also be a great boost your bottom line figures as well. These are just a few of the ways for making small changes to help purify the environment and polish your company’s status at the same time, all without breaking the bank.

Recycling returned material

One of the strongest examples a more profitable and more environmentally friendly decision is the choice that certain companies have made to recycle their returned products. Because of the new technology that constantly rolls out every year, there’s always a growing pile of landfill made up of obsolete technology models. Rather than feeding all of the old technology into a giant pile of e-waste, returned technology can instead be recycled and used for the construction of new products instead. Dell has been able to use over 40,000 pounds of “old” technology for the construction of new products in the past decade and other companies have opted to follow suit. Places like Ware Disposal have their own programs for electronic waste you can take part in as well. It’s a good way to make the most of what would otherwise be a big waste of money.

Invest in Green Sources

One of the easiest ways you can get your business on the right track is by making it a point to check the initial sources of your materials. Businesses that are able to successfully go green are able to do so by making sure to always keep an eye on what goes into their company or products. You can have an easier time if you make an effort to source locally. Sourcing locally might cost a bit more up front, but the long-term benefits to sales growth are more than worth it. You can also partner with local suppliers and businesses which makes it great for incorporating your company into the community and advertising across many avenues.

Work Remotely

Allowing employees to work through remote arrangements can be a great way to lower your entire organization’s carbon footprint by a very wide margin. You can save lots of money on what you’d normally pay for in-house heating and lighting as well. Not only is allowing employees to work remotely extremely environmentally friendly, but it’s also been found that remote employees actually have more morale on average. Just make sure the job they do is motivating enough to be done at home and on their own time.

Going green seems to be a trend not just for small households, but for small businesses as well. Be sure to invest in recycling projects and new initiatives to help make a difference. It doesn’t always take a lot of money up front and can really save you some down the line!

Brooke Chaplan, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger.

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