Energy Saving Tips to Give Your Small Business a Boost

Saving on energy seems like just a few measly dollars a month from a residential point of view. On the business scale, however, the economic and environmental benefits can be relatively exponential. Small businesses can and should be capitalizing on the unprecedented energy-saving technology accessible today in order to compete more effectively with other companies. When you are up to date with the latest in green technology, you can save more than just a few dollars and make your whole process more efficient. Here are five tips on how to give your enterprise a significant boost through energy-saving tech.

Be Aware of Peak Times

Off peak and on peak times will vary mainly on the utility company you are using, but most will have these times of day wherein energy is more expensive. Try to limit your use of energy only during low to off peak hours. Put this model in place for employees to follow. Over time, your business’ energy consumption will drop with more initiative from your workforce.

Invest in Smart Lights

Switch to newer, more energy-efficient lighting alternatives whenever possible. This could initially cost you upfront, but can easily pay for itself in the long run. Con Edison, Direct Energy Business, and other similar utility providers are great starting points for these smart lighting investments. If you have exit signs or signs at the front of your shop, switch to an Energy Star-qualified LED signs. Make sure you are also prepared with a backup generator. This can really save you in an emergency and protect your data. Suppliers like Oak Electric can even create a back-up plan for your business.

Warm Up and Cool Down Organically

Keep your blinds and curtains open and facing the sun during rainy or Winter seasons. The sunlight will help keep your indoors warm, without necessarily having your heating system switched on nonstop. For cooling tips, keep your curtains and blinds closed and use specialized screens or films to block direct sunlight from entering indoors.

Don’t Leave Lights and Switches Open

When terminals are not in use, always switch it off. If you’ll need to use it at short intervals so you can put the computer in Sleep Mode, which consumes less energy than just leaving it on continuously. Aside from computers, unplug other devices and office equipment, such as lamps, printers, fax machines, coffeemakers, etc., when not in use.

Go Green with Transportation

Transportation vehicles play a huge role for many small businesses. Daily deliveries of goods to consumers and business partners cannot be carried out without a reliable fleet of commercial vehicles. Most traditional vehicles, however, are fuel-inefficient. Loading up your garage with electric and hybrid type vehicles can be a real long-term investment if planned and implemented carefully.

Gradually implement these energy-saving tips to your small business can help you avoid any serious financial impact. Be sure to proudly declare your brand as a green company to your customers and investors.

Brooke Chaplan, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger.


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