3 Ways to Greenify Office Space

There are some major and minor ways to make a difference in how environmentally friendly your work space is.

Everyone has a responsibility to help keep the earth clean and to conserve resources. Office spaces can be wasteful places if eco-friendly procedures are not a part of your daily routine. As a business owner or manager, you can make decisions that will benefit the environment and your office space. There are some major and minor ways to make a difference in how environmentally friendly your work space is.

Window Tinting

One major way that an office space can be greener is to tint office windows. Using tint improves your window’s ability to reject solar heat. If you work in a place with a lot of direct sunlight, this is a big deal. Professionals at Instant Windscreens NZ say that tinted windows block 79% of solar heat from seeping into your office, keeping temperatures much cooler. 98% of damaging UV rays are also kept out of your space. Reducing this heat improves energy efficiency. You may even consider replacing old windows that are letting cold air in or heat out. A smaller cooling bill while reducing the power used throughout your office is a win-win.

Go Paperless

Many offices have gone to computer based filing systems. Not only is this a better use of space and time efficient, it also conserves the trees used to create paper, shipping boxes, and gas to deliver these goods. You can ask to not have unnecessary mailers sent to your office and for correspondence to be mostly electronic. Try to reuse scrap paper if possible and use glass cups or mugs instead of paper ones. Be sure to have a recycling bin available and labeled correctly so that any paper products that are used can be recycled.

Upgrade Equipment

Ancient copiers, inefficient heating or cooling systems, and other wasteful appliances and office necessities, can be a drain on your budget and the environment. Choosing energy efficient products can make a big difference. Another idea is to set a programmable thermostat that works with your office environment. Find a comfortable temperature and lock it so that you have an idea of how much energy you are using.

It is a good idea to identify the ways that energy and resources are wasted in your office and make a plan to change. Start with one change and keep working on your list until you have accomplished an eco-friendly office. It does not have to be a complete overhaul done all at once if that is not logistically possible. Each step that you take to make your office green benefits the earth and most likely, your bottom line.

Meghan Belnap, the author of this article, is a freelance writer from Oklahoma.

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