What’s Lacking in Your Company’s Green Efforts?

Management and employees can work together to make sure a company is following green policies to prevent pollution.

In addition to having a green environment at home to prevent pollution and waste, it is vital to find ways to protect the earth while at work. Businesses create a lot of trash along with a lot of pollutants, but there are ways for companies to become more earth-friendly. Management and employees can work together to make sure a company is following green policies to prevent pollution.

Install Water-Saving Devices

Avoid wasting water at work by having low-flow toilets and faucet aerators installed in the bathrooms. If your company uses water to manufacture its products, then find out if there are water-saving devices to install on water lines to reduce consumption. Have a plumber check the pipes in a building to determine if there are leaks that waste water as well.

Use an Earth-Friendly Janitorial Service

Instead of hiring a janitorial service that uses harsh cleansers and paper towels to scrub dirt from surfaces, find a cleaning company that uses environmental-friendly methods to sanitize buildings. Green-cleaning methods are designed to use natural cleansers in small amounts, along with washable cloths to avoid creating pollution and waste.

Recycle Office Supplies

Most companies use enormous amounts of office supplies, including paper and ink cartridges. Collect empty ink cartridges in order to refill these items, or you can take the devices to a recycling facility like Main Street Fibers to have the plastic repurposed for other products. Keep recycling bins near to an office’s copy and fax machines to make it easier for employees to throw away unneeded paper.

Stop Wasting Electricity

If your company keeps lights turned on in unused rooms, you are wasting tons of electricity. Using excess electricity leads to additional pollution because this power source is derived from fossil fuels. Install motion sensors in each room so lights turn on and off automatically as people enter or leave the area.

Prevent Air Pollution

Make sure that your company does not pollute the air with contaminants that are used during the manufacturing process. In addition to filtering the smoke that rises from smokestacks, use purification systems to keep the air inside a building cleaner.

Have Company Meetings about Green Policies

Keep your employees informed about a company’s green policies with monthly meetings and permit employees to make suggestions about saving energy or recycling to improve your company’s earth-friendly methods. Consider giving awards to the employees who ensure that a building is operating in an eco-friendly way.


Keeping your company green just takes a little more diligence and some inventive ideas and investments. Use these and more to improve your own policies and keep your business green and productive.

Brooke Chaplan, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger.



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