Save Some Water For the Fishies! 5 Alternatives to Water Bottle Waste

Bottled water is quickly becoming the most popular beverage on the market, but it doesn’t have to be.

Water bottles are wasteful in two ways. Most people only ever use them a single time, which means that they’re often a waste of plastic. People also usually leave a small amount of water at the bottom of the bottle when they throw it out. Imagine how much water is wasted collectively by every water bottle thrown out everywhere. Here are five great ideas to cut down on waste.

Try the Water Cooler

Office water coolers aren’t exactly the best solution, but they’re much better than buying bottled water. They don’t waste as much water as bottled water does since they only allow people to dispense a small amount of fluid at a time. Users of these machines throw a lot of cups away. Make sure to bring along a reusable one instead.

Use Public Drinking Fountains

While some people might have bad memories about poor quality water dispensing out of public drinking fountains, there have been many improvements made to them in recent years. Public facilities are now cleaner than ever. Companies like PFC Equipment, Inc provide centrifugal pumps and water filtration systems that ensure all drinking water is crystal clear. This means the vast majority of people won’t have to carry a water bottle any longer. They can use readily available public fountains. There won’t be any water wasted since the water stops flowing the moment the pressure bar is released.

Get a Refillable Water Bottle

Refillable water bottles cost only a few dollars online or at local stores. Theoretically these can be used an unlimited number of times. They can be filled from a sink, a drinking fountain or anywhere else. Leave them in the refrigerator to keep the water extra cold.

Freestanding Water Stations

Some grocery stores offer filtered and purified water from vending machines. Consumers provide their own jugs and pay a nominal fee for the service. While this isn’t free like a public drinking fountain is, it consumes far less money and resources than bottled water does.

Faucet Filtration Systems

Homeowners who have a problem with the taste of city water can purchase an affordable filter that mounts right onto the end of their faucet. These remove a vast majority of pollutants that cause illness as well as bad tasting water. A few companies also manufacture jugs that have filters built into their lids to perform the same function.

Bottled water is quickly becoming the most popular beverage on the market, but it doesn’t have to be. Public drinking fountains are free. Tap water costs comparatively little. Ironically many bottled water manufacturers actually fill their bottles with tap water, so consumers may not even notice a difference.

Meghan Belnap, the author of this article, is a freelance writer from Oklahoma.

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