Why Clean Water Supplies Are a Crucial Element of Sustainability

Making clean water available to people and protecting natural water bodies are integral to forging a more sustainable future.

If human beings are going to survive hundreds and thousands of years from now, we must achieve a more sustainable future. This includes sustainability in terms of electricity, fuel consumption and farming. It also includes sustainability in terms of water. One thing that is very important to sustainability is making clean water supplies available to citizens in different communities. Here are a few reasons why.

Clean Water Prevents Disease

One main reason to take proper care to make sure a community has access to clean water is that it can prevent disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 780 million people lack access to clean water supplies. When contaminated water is consumed, it can spread diseased and deteriorate a person’s overall health. This puts a larger burden on the healthcare systems in many countries. For a more sustainable future, clean water must be accessible.

It Protects the Food Supply

Making sure natural bodies of water stay clean is important for sustainability as well. This is especially the case in regards to the food supply. Seafood is a very important food source for people in most nations. It is also far healthier than other sources of protein like pork and beef. However, that is only the case if seafood stays uncontaminated by pollution. Lead, oil, mercury and other substances can make eating seafood a real health risk.

It Can Supply Clean Energy

One reason why water is important is because it can be used to provide a clean energy source. This is why having T. Lucky Sons Inc. and similar providers make sure dams are properly repaired as needed is important. The movement of water is able to turn powerful turbines that transform that force into electricity that can power an entire surrounding community. Hydroelectricity does not create pollution as is the case with the burning of carbon fuels like coal.

Ground Water Could Run Out

Many communities depend on ground water. They drink it and use it to water crops. However, like oil, ground water is a finite resource. If the water from an aquifer is used up faster than the “recharge” rate, it could be gone. It is not always sustainable to subsist on ground water alone. This is why having the ability to make alternative sources of clean water available to communities is so important.

Overall, making clean water available to people and protecting natural water bodies are integral to forging a more sustainable future. Do what you can to help if you want to protect future generations.

Anica Oaks, the author of this article, is a freelance writer and web enthusiast.

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