The Greenest Technologies Coming to Modern Cities

Here are a few of the greenest technologies showing up in cities all over the world.

As population growth spikes, the importance of green technologies in densely populated urban cities becomes more and more important. Ecologists and civil engineers have pushed for green technologies in urban planning since the 1980s, but the idea finally seems to be catching on. Here are a few of the greenest technologies showing up in cities all over the world.

Beating the Heat in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is an eleven million square foot green space in the heart of Singapore that is focused on reducing nitrogen dioxide levels in the atmosphere and to keep temperatures low as the planet continues to heat up. People sometimes forget that plants are filters against pollutants in the atmosphere. We need them even in the most in densely populated cities. Gardens by the Bay has a stand of eighteen garden towers that reach heights of 164 feet in the air. These towers are covered with plants that can provide a beautiful aesthetic while scrubbing the air and reducing the heat.

Passive Buildings in Germany

British architect Norman Foster and civil engineers in Germany retrofitted the parliament building in Berlin with green technology. It’s covered with mirrors and open glass that channel light deep inside the building’s interior. This helps reduce the building’s dependence on artificial light and has a dome shape that draws heat out of the building and even collects rain water through a spiraling funnel that travels along the building’s outer structure. There’s a vegetable oil refinery beneath the building and all together, its green technologies help the Parliament building cut CO2 emissions by 94 percent.

The Greenest Technologies Coming to Modern Cities  3

Biking Future for Denmark

You might not think of the bicycle as a futuristic piece of technology, but it is one of the most eco-friendly transportation devices ever invented. Denmark is the bicycle capital of Europe with more than half of its citizens commuting to work by bike. New green technologies can amplify their effect. Denmark is developing bike-only lanes that will have tiny piezo-electric crystals embedded in them. These crystals react to mechanical pressure to create electricity. Each step or run of a bicycle could help power the entire city.

Modern cities are complex ecosystems that can either propel us into a more prosperous future, or harm our chances for environmental stability. City planners and experts with Masters in Civil Engineering are doing more to adapt and create greener cities. Through these green technologies we can manage to live together sustainably for decades to come. The best innovation are born out of necessity and the need for greener, more eco-friendly cities couldn’t be higher.

Brooke Chaplan, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger.

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