Natural Skincare and Makeup Tricks without the Use of Harsh Chemicals

Go natural and use natural stuff so as to maintain perfect skin and health.

We all are aware of the harmful chemicals that are loaded in our makeup. Chemicals like methyl parabens and ethyl parabens are found in almost all the makeup and skincare products so as to preserve them for longer.

But these chemicals have some serious adverse effects on your skin. Some of the harmful chemicals found in many makeup and skin care products can even cause skin cancer or other allergies.

Who said that beauty doesn’t come with price, but when your personal health and skin is on stake why to depend on those chemicals to ruin your skin? Check the ingredients list well before buying any product. A good idea is to go natural and use natural stuff so as to maintain perfect skin and health.

  1. Honey And Lemon For The Internal Glow:


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The best way to pamper your skin from within is a combination of honey and lemon along with warm water. It is proven that drinking this water twice a day makes your skin really soft and smooth. This potion is said to give your skin the inner glow you have always dreamt of. And who needs a highlighter if you have that natural glow to be flaunted. Lemon is a natural cleanser and it deeply cleanses your pores and body whereas honey is antibacterial in nature which prevents any damage to your skin.

2.   Beetroot As A Blush:

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Beetroot is a healthy and blessed vegetable for skin. It is said that drinking beetroot juice for continuous seven days combined with tomatoes and mint can give your skin a complete detox and bring back the pinkish glow.

Rubbing a beetroot slice on the apples of your cheeks is an alternative of chemical based blush which stays longer and has no harmful effect at all. Who would have thought that you can use beetroot this way? Give it a try.

3. Olive Oil As Makeup Remover:

Source: youtube
Source: YouTube

An oil-based makeup remover is the best thing you can give to your skin. Just store some olive oil or sweet almond oil handy and believe me with a cotton pad you can remove even the most stubborn makeup from your face without leaving even a trace of it. You can use raw honey as a natural cleanser as its miraculous properties will completely remove dirt and harmful bacteria from your skin leaving it super soft, nourished and glowy.

4.  Scrub:

Source: robynhurst
Source: robynhurst

No need to use chemical scrub which leaves your skin dry and flaky. Mix some baking soda with water if you have acne or make a sugar scrub with lemon and honey to give your skin the perfect scrub without a trace of harmful chemical.

5. Lip Balm-The Natural Way:


Who doesn’t want moisturised lips all day long? Dry chappy lips can make you look older and looks really bad. It’s really important to moisturise your lips regularly throughout the day.

For this, you can mix grated beeswax with almond oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. Mix the ingredients well and let them set for sometime. It will get solidified, store it in a small jar and use whenever needed.

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