Green Dream: Five Pet Products You Didn’t Know are Earth-Friendly

You can have peace of mind knowing your dog or cat will remain healthy and can thrive in the environment you live in.

Many people are becoming more conscious of the chemicals and products they use in their home every day. Those who have pets may also be concerned about animal health with food and products used to bathe and care for them. To create a green home for your four-legged friend, there are a few products to purchase that help you create a safe environment.

Purr & Simple Biodegradable Cat Litter

Many are unaware that their cat litter can contaminate the air inside of their home, which can be harmful for both pets and residents. Breathe easier with this eco-friendly cat litter, which is void of excess dust or silica and is also biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about spills.

Pet Dreams Plush Eco-Friendly Bumper Dog Bed

Allow your dog to get a good night’s sleep with this green bed, which is void of any harmful chemicals or scents. It’s also good for the earth since its stuffing is made from recycled water bottles.

Roxy’s Remedies Shampoo

Most dog shampoos are made with harmful chemicals that can affect your dog’s respiratory system and also irritate their sensitive skin. The Natural Dog Products from Roxy’s Remedies use a sandalwood oil base with natural ingredients for a natural dog shampoo that offers peace of mind to pet owners.

Harry Barker Bamboo Dog Bowl

Green Dream Five Pet Products You Didn't Know are Earth-FriendlyDog bowls are known to contain harmful chemicals and toxins due to the materials that are used to construct these products. BPA is one of the leading ingredients in plastic dog bowls, which can leach into your dog foods and increase the risk of various types of cancer. Harry Barker Bamboo Dog Bowl is a healthier alternative that is made from rice husks and bamboo fiber.

Earth Dog Recycled Fleece Blanket

Snuggle up with your dog each night with this recycled fleece blanket which is made from organic hemp canvas and is lined with recycled fleece. It can easily be thrown into the wash and will maintain its durability over time.

To increase your pet’s lifespan and create a safe environment for them at home, there are a number of pet products on the market that will help protect their health. You can have peace of mind knowing your dog or cat will remain healthy and can thrive in the environment you live in.

Image via                                                               Brooke Chaplan, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger.

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