Eco-Friendly Home Decoration – Start With the Walls

These green wallpaper ideas create a perfect blend of elegance and nature in your home environment.

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed people all over the world welcoming sustainable trends into their homes and embellishing their living spaces with extraordinary green designs.

There is no better feeling than creating a serene environment in your home that exudes with natural splendours. The best way to achieve that eco-friendly vibe in your living area is to actually surround yourself with nature.

And what is a better way to accomplish that than to rely on some eco-friendly inspired wallpaper designs? These few ideas will helps you transform your home and bring the outdoors inside for a change:

Tropical Allure

wall 1What is a better way to green up your living space than to add a dash of exotic to it?

There is no reason why you could not bring that African allure into your home and spice things up a bit.

Bring your home back to life with bold and vivid shades of green and create a genuine Mozambique setting right there in your living room.

The splendid combo of colour and real life plant imitations right there on your walls will surely give you a tropical vibe you deserve.

Cabin in the Woods

wall 2

For those looking to create a genuine outdoor feeling in their homes, the solution comes in a form of realistic imitations of the world’s finest natural timbers. These amazing wallpapers have the ability to completely transform your living space by giving it a full natural vibe.

This is a great option if you are looking to decorate your living area in a rustic sense as it will surely give it that final touch of nature.

You can make your own secret cabin in the woods setting, even if you live in the centre of the city!

Jungle Book

wall 3Have you ever wanted to take an expedition through the amazon jungle? Well now you can create your own jungle mania right in the comfort of your home.

Not only do these wall coverings give you that special tropical flair but they manage to create amazing art designs as well.

The luscious floral motifs in a combination with fabric textures have the ability to make your living space a true jungle experience.

The marvellous blend of natural textures and stylish effects give you the opportunity to dive into the exotic world of wilderness.

Forest Vibe

wall 5If your goal is to create a mesmerizing serene setting that will exude with tranquillity and peace then the gentle imitation of timber and wood is what you should be searching for.

The best thing about these naturalistic wallpapers is that they come in all kinds of different shades and tones, so you can choose some soft pastel shades or a realistic imitation of white timber.

Light motifs are a great way to add a bit of depth to the area and also to open up the living space a bit. These wallpapers are simply made to add a Zen touch to your home.

Animal Print

wall 6And for a truly expressive eco-friendly design, the colourful animal print designs are like made to add a bit of dazzle into your home.

Combining eco-friendly with stylish, these flashy wallpapers offer truly a distinctive surrounding that will please those who wish to keep their homes alive.

Embrace nature in all its glory by welcoming these mesmerizing designs into your living area. Depending on your affinities, now you can easily transform your home into a tropical island, a dense jungle or a serene forest surrounding. These green wallpaper ideas create a perfect blend of elegance and nature in your home environment.

Melissa Stevens, the author of this article, is an eco-friendly DIY enthusiast,
vegetarian, pet owner and mother of a cute boy.

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