Another Man’s Treasure: How to Make Recycling Fun at Home

Recycling certainly helps the environment. Try to make it fun for you and your family. Recycle as much as possible.

Recycling has numerous benefits to the environment. It reduces the creation of more junk like plastic that can pollute the environment and preserves valuable natural resources like forests. However, recycling can also be kind of boring. If you want to get your family more involved in reducing waste, you need to try to make it fun. Below are a few ways you might consider for making your trash into a new craft.

Get Paid for Your Recycling

Contact a local recycling company like Ware Disposal and inquire about whether or not they have a program in which money is exchanged for recyclables. Many recycling centers in fact take money for aluminum cans, glass bottles, and a few other items. This can be a great motivator for kids. Getting paid for their recycling efforts is one certain way to get kids excited about recycling.

Create Recycled Christmas Ornaments

In December, one great way to make recycling fun for your family is to transform recyclables into Christmas decorations. For example, you can take burned out light bulbs and paint them like Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, and more. With the addition of a hook, they can easily be hung from your Christmas tree. Plastic and paper can be cut up, painted green, and then glued back together to make a festive wreath.

Donate to Charity

One excellent way to recycle is to give to charity. It can teach children the value of recycling, as well as giving to others. There are many things that are prime candidates for charitable gift giving. This can include old toys, old electronics, old furniture, and more. As long as it’s something you no longer need but could have a good use for someone less fortunate, donate it to charity.

Make It Competitive

Another way to make recycling fun is to make it competitive. Have each member of your family record all the items they have recycled during the month on a chart. At the end of the month, the person who recycled the most will receive some kind of prize like a toy, brownies, or something else fun. Having family members compete against each other with progress plotted on a chart can certainly convince them to recycle more.

recycle artMake Recycled Art

There are many fun arts and crafts ideas that use recyclable materials. One of the best involves broken glass.

Shards of glass bottles of different colors can be added to concrete to produce marvelous decorated sculptures ala Fred Smith’s Wisconsin Concrete Park in Phillips, Wisconsin.

However, keep in mind that broken glass can be dangerous for young children. Think about using old paper for paper machete crafts, old furniture for new décor or play area items and more!

Recycling certainly helps the environment. Try to make it fun for you and your family. Recycle as much as possible.

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