The Most Important Things You Can Do Now To Build a Greener Future

Going green is not a death sentence, it is a money saver for those wise companies who want to create larger savings in their budget.

Go green offers longer term residual benefits and savings in your pocket book. Taking green steps in the work place are drops in a larger success bowl. Companies, small and large, can be leaders in this worldwide goal to make the environment better. Making small changes make a big difference. Here are a few tips for companies who are looking to make a difference.

Commuter Reimbursement

Businesses can offer commuter reimbursement. This encourages employees to not drive their fossil fuel vehicles to work. Most often than not there is one person driving a four passenger vehicle into work. That one vehicle is costing the employee money on maintenance, gas, and time in traffic. Reimbursement for public transportation benefits the employee and their wallet.

Electric Fleets

For those companies who have fleets, they can invest in electric vehicles. Cars like the Chevy Volt are affordable and save on fuel costs improving the bottom line.

Solar Panels on Roofs

Technology has come a long way and the options for solar panels are greater. Panels are becoming available in numerous varieties and can save a company on utility costs. Lower monthly utilities bills and lower costs for fueling company vehicles can add up on savings quickly. A project like this would probably need the help of professionals, like those at Sullivan Engineering, to help manage the progress of construction. With the benefits of construction administration that can be seen from these places, you will be sure to help contribute to a greener future with effective and timely construction.

Motion Sensor Lights

Installing motion sensor lights in conference rooms, kitchens, break rooms and bathrooms can also cut costs. Turning off a simple light can add up to savings at the end of the month, resulting in fewer financial burdens on the business and more room for success.

Smart Landscaping

Maintaining a lush green lawn can be every expensive. By designing the landscape based on the natural surroundings of the building can save businesses lots of money. By bringing in local vegetation there is less need for constant care, up keep, and paying a gardener.


Use less paper, simple and easy. Print two sided, go paperless, and gain less mess. Using e-files means more room for productive employees and not wasting space on storage. Going paperless allows for information to be stream lined and accessible which translates to less frustration on the various departments and overall less stress on the company.

Spending less money on gas for company vehicles, utility bills, landscaping, and office supplies means more money set aside for you and your company. Going green is not a death sentence, it is a money saver for those wise companies who want to create larger savings in their budget.

Pic Via                                                   Anita Ginsburg, the author of this post, is a freelance writer from Denver, CO.


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