Conservation Starts at Home: 4 Keys to a Green Lifestyle

Living a greener life is a choice that can be made every day. Just these four steps are a great way to start.

Going green can feel like a huge undertaking. The good news is that it is easy to live a greener lifestyle. These four steps to greener living are a great way to start.

Sensible Water Use

Roughly half of household water is not used, but instead goes straight down the drain. Just by turning the tap off while brushing teeth, it is possible to save gallons of water. Take relaxing bubble baths instead of water hungry long showers. Instead of bottled water, use a filter or refillable bottles. Not only does bottled water create a lot of waste, it is often bottled in places with water supply problems.

Leave the Car at Home

Most people use their cars for even the shortest trips. This wastes gas and money. Plus, it leads to a larger waistline! Try walking or biking to nearby shops or to run quick errands. Not only will the savings in gas money and parking fees quickly add up, but your health will also improve.

When you do drive, be sure that your tires are properly inflated. Slow down on those highways. Driving the speed limit helps your car run the cleanest. You will also be making a very measurable dent in your personal carbon footprint. It’s an easy victory for everyone.

Responsible Recycling

Making full use of recycling capabilities is another easy way to live green. There are many recyclable items thrown out by otherwise well-meaning people. It is now possible to keep waste out of landfills entirely with companies that offer complete sorting and reuse services. Single stream waste removal programs like those from Lakeshore Recycling is an easy way to make sure all of your recycles end up properly cared for.

Eat Local or In Season Food

Food is often shipped long distances after being grown or raised. Buying vegetables that are locally grown is an easy way to go green. A shorter trip means just that much less greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. If a seasonal change makes eating local vegetables difficult, then consider new choices such as winter vegetables or frozen choices. Frozen vegetables have the same nutritional value but do not need as much fast transport. Eating locally raised meat has an added bonus. Clear cutting of virgin rain forest is too often is necessary to raise cattle outside of the U.S. Local meat sources do not need this.

Living a greener life is a choice that can be made every day. Just these four steps are a great way to start. Of course a greener life need not stop there. There are many other ways to go even greener.

Anica Oaks, the author of this article, is a freelance writer and web enthusiast.


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