How to Cut Business Costs by Going Green

In order to reduce your impact on the environment, going green is necessary in today’s business world. An environment-savvy businessman could – and should – cut business costs, and his impact on the environment, by reducing paper usage, cutting down on printing, and using a green web server and hosting. Here’s a quick overview on how to get started going green in your business.

Why going green is so important?

This question is very complex and demands a very complex and comprehensive answer; to make it in an approximate short note – it is important to create and use a renewable, sustainable and eco friendly processes and products, especially different forms of energy, with a goal of decreasing environmental impact of humanity and preserving available resources for future generations as well as preventing irreparable devastation of our planet.

Modern times, particularly the IT age we live in, make an enormous demand of resources. For instance, web servers must work non-stop, year round, to power the needs of their consumers. In order to achieve this goal, the web server takes up a lot of energy. Data centers housing a number of different web servers need a huge scale of operations to continue working. The NRDC estimates that US data centers consume as much energy as 5 million houses all together. A great amount of energy would be spared by switching to energy-efficient servers and using power management tools.

Going entirely electronic

By reducing paper as much as possible, getting rid of unnecessary printing and copying, and using paperless methods of advertisement, businesses can quickly begin to go green. The business can eliminate paper by using PDF creation as a substitute for hard copies of important documents.

Print management tools are available for organizations willing to invest the necessary resources and time into implementing a comprehensive print management solution. This way the company can track user authentication, quotas, and limitations on how much printing employees can do. Using social media, mobile technology, and viral media marketing allows the company to go paperless in its ad campaigns, thereby eliminating any impact on the environment through paper usage.

Additionally, the company can reuse and recycle miscellaneous, erroneous prints – using them for quick notes, phone messages, and scratch paper, rather than simply throwing them away.

Establishing a green online presence

By using green web hosting, also known as ‘eco friendly’ web hosting, companies can save energy and help in the process of generating power from renewable resources. Green web hosts help to minimize energy consumption of the server, employing machines that use less energy and cut usage as much as possible. Nowadays, more and more green hosts buy a Renewable Energy Certificate, or “REC,” in order to outweigh normal energy consumption – affirming the notable European green hosting experts. By choosing a green web host, your company can help in saving the planet – and preserving it for generations to come.

Natural resources to light and ventilate your office space

By using natural lighting and ventilation, such as heating and cooling methods, you can cut electricity costs in your office. Companies such as Solatube Daylighting Systems engineer products to create major structural changes in a very short span of time. Using leak-proof designs, natural lighting fixtures, and an energy efficient meter to measure how much reduced energy usage you’re creating, your business can quickly have a serious impact in helping the environment.

energy3You can use an outdoor monitoring system to watch how much energy your building is using, as well as a CO2 sensor for mechanically ventilated offices. If you can keep indoor CO2 concentrations relative to those found outside, your indoor air quality will improve substantially. The basic cost of installing a monitoring system is quickly recouped due to the increased efficiency of your new green HVAC system.

Investing in energy-efficient technology

Additionally, investing in energy-efficient and green technologies such as isothermal melting, server virtualization, weatherization measures, and energy efficient devices such as LED light bulbs and compact fluorescent lights, motion detectors, programmable thermostats, and Energy Star rated appliances can truly help in reducing your business’ impact on the environment. Efficient energy use is an excellent way to cut back on business costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a sustainable energy hierarchy for your business.

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   Goky Brkic, the author of this article, is a green enthusiast
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