10 Ways to Reuse Old Teabags

Reusing teabags can help to lessen the negative impact that the tea business can make on the environment.

Tea is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the world and teabags have a variety of uses that it would be wasteful not to try some out once or twice! Not only is it a great way to spend less on your tea, but reusing teabags can also help to lessen the negative impact that the tea business can make on the environment. Trees are often cut down to make teabags and packaging, so the more you reuse teabags, the more trees you can save!

Clean windows and mirrors

According to professional domestic cleaners you can actually clean windows and mirrors by using tea. Simply pour brewed, cool tea into a spray bottle and then wipe and dry. This way you can stop using acidic cleaners in order to use something that is more environmentally friendly.

Rid fridge of odours

A bowl of used teabags will rid any fridge of bad odours. This means that you’ll be using cleaning product less, which will be better for the environment.

Remove grease and residue from pots and pans

It doesn’t sound probable, but the tannic acid in tea is actually a great way to break down grease and leftover food residue that collects in pots and pans. Simply put a cup of water and a couple of leftover teabags in the pan and then leave to soak. This means you won’t be using washing up liquid as much, making it better for the environment.


Wash odours away from hands

If you’ve been working with garlic, onion, fish or other smelly foods, it’s likely that your hands are going to smell strongly. Instead of using a lot of soap, simply wash your hands with water and a used teabag to get rid of any strong odours.

Shine leather shoes

Teabags are a great way to shine up dark leather shoes. Simply wipe a wet used teabag on them in a circular motion, and you’ll have beautifully shiny shoes in no time! This will save in boot polish, which is high in acids.


Teabags can work wonders on speeding up decomposition in your compost heap. Simply throw a few biodegradeable teabags onto your compost heap and watch your compost turn into acid-rich soil.

Fertilising plant soil

Acid-rich tannins in tea can really help some plants to grow. Simply tear open the teabag and cover plants such as roses and ferns with the tea. A good trick is to line the drainage hole at the bottom of planters with old tea bags. This will help your plants retain water and keep nutrients inside the soil.

Calm itchy skin

If your skin is itchy due to bug bites or poison ivy, a damp, cool teabag can help reduce inflammation and encourage healing. This means you can save on lotions and be kinder to the environment as a result.

Rehydrate your skin

If your skin is feel dry and cracked, simply soak some used teabags with some essential oils in warm water and soak for 20-30 minutes. This can work great on tired feet.

Mouth health

The antibacterial properties in tea can draw out infections which could result in toothache, fever blisters, canker sores, etc. You simply need to warm up the used teabag and place it on the sore area to reduce any infections. This could save you money on medicines and creams which could also be harmful to the environment.

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