Homemade Detergents for Cleaning Different Upholsteries

When you wonder which commercial detergent to buy from among the shelves with dozens of detergents – make yourself a perfect homemade detergent for every kind of stain. There are cases when even the strongest DIY detergents can’t beat the professional ones, however, they turn very handy in some cases such as spot cleaning carpets and rugs, cleaning spills of coffee and other light dirt.

Let me tell you about a variety of detergents, which you can probably make in a couple of minutes with products that you probably have in the kitchen.

A detergent of hot water, baking soda and dish-washing detergent. Mix this solution in a medium-sized bowl and add less water if you want to get a stronger solution. It is perfect for some of the lightest everyday spots that may appear on floor coverings and mostly on textile upholsteries. From the sofa to the dining chairs – there is always a risk from unexpected soiled traces and spills of tea, for example. However, for a more persistent stain, it is better to make a stronger detergent.

Add a tiny amount of shampoo and powder laundry detergent to the homemade detergent, mentioned above, to get a truly powerful solution that will help you get rid of persistent spots from almost every kind of upholstery.

Only try to avoid cleaning leather upholsteries with this solution, because it might be even stronger than required. Keep this homemade detergent in a small bowl and you can easily deal with the heavy stains during the weekly home cleaning.

It forms a foamy compound that helps dislodge the dirt and dust deep into the fibers of the upholstery, and so another great idea is to let it soak for a few minutes before rubbing. Always remove the dislodged dirt from the outer side to the center of the stain and clean with a clean cloth and water by dabbing only.

A detergent of just water and a small amount of rubbing alcohol or lemon juice can help you get rid of the light stains onto leathery upholstered furnishings. Apply the solution with a small piece of cotton or with a towel to reduce the chance for making a bigger mess. This is a perfect solution for sofa and carpet cleaning and especially the smallest spots that are hard to find.

This solution also prevents the leather from cracks, because it keeps its moisture at a higher level. When cleaning leather upholsteries, make sure that you clean the rest of the detergent with a clean cloth and water.

The perfect detergent for hand-knotted carpets and rugs is usually nothing but hot water and shampoo. The foaming effect of the shampoo is perfect for a removal of the light stains from kitchen grease, while the heat of the water plays a major role as a de-greasing agent.

Just make sure not to use boiling water or very hot water, because it may cause burning effects and discoloration to the hand-knotted natural fibers of the rugs. This solution works perfect on Oriental carpets, vintage rugs and all other textile floor coverings with natural fibers.

If you plan to treat the entire surface of a carpet or to soak it completely in the solution, it is recommended to let it dry naturally on direct sunlight. Make sure not to overexpose it to sunlight though, especially during the house cleaning in the summertime. Powerful sunlight can damage the delicate natural fibers. If you want to make them fluffier after a complete drying of the carpet, use the vacuum cleaner to restore the fluffiness and to pop up the effect of the homemade cleaning detergent.

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