Green Trends Transforming Architecture and Design Landscape

Saving our planet is a noble and grand cause, but it starts with small, everyday steps. That is why environmentalists, designers and architects are figuring out the best ways to integrate green technologies into modern living.

Although there is a growing concern for the environment, the only way people are going to take action is to make these changes functional, stylish and fun.

Eco-friendly design stands tall today, and issues a serious challenge to the traditional schools. In fact, sustainable architecture is a breath of fresh air that housing market long craved for.

A meadow above

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There are many sustainable trends that show us a way towards a better, greener future. Green roofing is one of those things that have been around for some time and it has shifted the landscape of many urban areas. Vegetation covering the top of your house or flat not only looks stunning, but also reduces energy consumption.

Of course, green roof is more than just some roots and weed growing above your head. It features drainage and irrigation systems, root barrier, and a waterproof membrane.  You can find them as a part of sustainable architecture around the world, on both important public buildings and private structures.

An earth shelter

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This trend goes an extra green mile. Earth-sheltering housing involves homes that are set below ground or against earth. You no longer have to visit the Middle Earth to enjoy hobbit-like houses with three sides and a roof covered in nature. These cool sanctuaries merge into Mother Nature and rely on the surrounding natural materials to provide stability and insulation.

Maintaining a pleasant indoor climate all year round is much easier and takes fewer resources than in traditional homes.  These refuges can conserve rainwater and provide the much-needed peace and quiet. The beauty of it all is that the scars left on the soil by a construction process are immediately healed.

Ship it


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Shipping containers are no longer just some clunky boxes collecting dust around ports and ship hauls. One of the trends that are on the roll involves recycling these steel containers and utilizing them as building blocks for cheap, yet sturdy, homes and business premises.

It is possible to apply some killer design solutions to container homes and turn them into appealing, versatile retreats. Moreover, equipping them with solar power capabilities and other energy-efficient utilities is nice and easy. That way, you are lowering your energy consumption further and embracing a sustainable way of living at its best.

Ministry of Interior


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These days, there is an eco-friendly alternative for virtually any building material and anything you own at home. Recycled furniture is a hot topic, and you can see it on the cover of every other décor magazine. Refurbished vintage items such as old cots are used as stand-out design features, but one thing you must not overlook is the one enveloping of your home.

Proper insulation is paramount for energy efficiency in homes and there are many unconventional materials, like old denim, that can be used. Many people are not aware that custom blinds and shades also serve as perfect insulation, apart from giving the room new looks. They block sunlight during hot summer days, and prevent heat from escaping in long, chilly nights.

Green standards

Some sustainable solutions have caught on as global trends, while others wait for their chance to hit it big. It seems only a matter of time when eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency will become standards, not just trends. The tendencies come and go, but the soil beneath us is always there.

The good news is that we are seeing more buildings that harvest the energy from the immediate environment, even “living” structures that are self-sustainable. Implementing green tech in your home is a rewarding process that honors the needs of future generations as well.

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Zoe Clark, the author of this article, is a proud mom of one baby girl and a miniature schnauzer. When not obsessing about designing perfect homes, Zoe is spending time with her family.

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