Hybrid Cars and their Positive Effect on the Environment

Over the years, the impact of global warming has led many industries to re-evaluate how they operate and also rethink on the products they sell. One industry, in particular, that has had to make a substantial environmental change is the car industry, and with the introduction of hybrid cars, we are now seeing a positive effect on the environment.

What are Hybrid Cars?

Simply put, these type of cars are a blend between your standard car and an electric car. The major problem with electric cars is that they solely depend on electricity, and because of this, you can’t drive very far before they need to be put back on charge. And, charging can take up to 6 hours.

Over time, hybrid cars have begun to over take electric cars, but they still offer some great environmental benefits such as an electric motor and a computer controlled system that controls everything from the propulsion systems to the engine.

The advantage of these cars is that you don’t need to recharge them for 6 hours after venturing out for a few hours. Plus, you will also benefit from best car insurance prices as governments worldwide are focusing on hybrids in an initiative to spur people to be more environmentally responsible.

What are the Health Benefits to Hybrid Cars?

By now, we have all seen the devastating effects that oil has on the environment. If we move away from relying on oil based products, there will be less pollution, meaning there would be less bouts of acid rain. In turn, this would help nature  and also reduce the risk of diseases.

How Can They Help the Environment?

green grass carThere are three major cases to put forward here, the first is that you will benefit from better gas mileage as hybrids tend to get 5 miles per gallon more than your standard car. This will cut gas costs and consumption.

Secondly, there will be fewer emissions because of the substantially less emissions produced from these cars. At the moment, we produce a lot of carbon monoxide from standard cars that gets released into the environment. This will reduce air pollution dramatically.

Finally, there will be a decrease in fuel demand; this will reduce impact on the environment as there will be less drilling. The more mainstream these hybrid cars become, the less demand will be there for fuel, which is a massive positive point.

The Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

We have spoken about how hybrid cars can save you money and the massive benefits that driving one can have on the environment but what about the disadvantages?

As we have already stated these cars do run on electricity so they are going to need be recharged at some point, and this is where we really see the disadvantages come into play with hybrid cars because the electricity for our modern day cars actually come from coal plants which are big causes to environmental pollution.

There is still a lot of research needed and technological advancements that need to be made to make the hybrid car a popular car of today’s generation.

Sunny Popali, the author of this article, is part of the marketing team at an auto Insurance group. 

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