Green and Clean: How to Find Sustainable Cosmetics

In addition to adopting a greener, healthier diet and the sustainable use of home care products, the next natural step to take is finding sustainable cosmetics.

Green and sustainable cosmetics are those that do not use petroleum products, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic colors or fragrances, mineral oils or silicone.

Finding these high-quality cosmetics is well worth the investment in your beauty and the environment.

Green Guides

If you are new to sustainable cosmetics, you can start your research with organic and sustainable living websites, such as green living guides. These websites describe the different types of ingredients in cosmetics. You can search by the manufacturer or type of cosmetic that you are looking for.

Manufacturer Websites

Manufacturers of green and sustainable cosmetics have a wealth of information about their products available online. At Sephora, their Nude product line contains only sustainable ingredients that the human body can metabolize.

Their products are gluten free and suitable for a vegan lifestyle. The Nude products with fragrances use natural scents that are 100 percent allergen free. This is great for both your skin, which can be sensitive to some of the harsh chemicals in mainstream cosmetics, and the environment.

If you’re concerned about both the ecosystem and your budget, you can get a promo code or free shipping for Sephora to save on these eco-friendly cosmetics. With some smart shopping, you won’t have to compromise your beauty routine to develop sustainable habits.

Cosmetics Counters

Your favorite department store likely includes cosmetics counters where you can try out products and talk to the sales clerks about their ingredients.

Eco Bella and After Glow Cosmetics are two companies that offer their products in a variety of department stores. You can learn more about the ingredients and try the products out for yourself to see if you develop any irritations to your skin.

Organic Grocers

Many organic grocers such as Whole Foods are branching out in the types of products that they offer. You may find that the selection of sustainable cosmetics you are looking for is available at the place where you do your food shopping.

Many of these organic shopping stores allow you the chance to try before you buy, or you can ask for some samples to take home and use before purchasing a full size product.

You do not have to sacrifice beauty in order to maintain your sustainable lifestyle. With quality green cosmetics, you can change your look as often as you want, without running the risk of hurting your skin or harming the environment.

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