Creating an Effective and Efficient Green Business

If you saw “The Avengers” a few years ago, you would probably remember the scene where Iron Man shows up for the first time. And his line, “Stark Tower is about to become a beacon of self-sustaining clean energy” made me think. What can I do, in order to make my business more eco-friendly? Though I did not have the arc reactor, I had a word with my boss, so several things have changed, and felt free and learned from my experience.

Ditching the paper

I did not knew how much paper was in my office, until I decided to change something. Literally, tons and tons of paperwork, all stashed up and organized. That was my first stop, to get rid of those. It took some time, but all the papers which were not essential to be in paper form were scanned, and transferred to my computer hard drive. From that point, I took the liberty to effectively suppress usage of paper in my company, with the explanation that from one tree, we get about hundred thousand sheets of paper. This seems humble, but imagine how much paper is used daily in one company. Now multiply that with number of companies in the world. Not humble anymore, is it?


We have noticed that a lot of our employees are throwing away a lot of debris, a matter which seemed unfair to me. So, instead of a standard trash can, we set up several, and separated them by material which could be put inside. Naturally, those cans where we put plastics and paper were the fullest, for these two materials were the most common. Before this however, we made contact with several companies which are in the recycling business, so their advice were valuable as well.

Public transport

A majority of our employees was getting to work either by public transportation system, or by car. We have offered the alternative. Those who were going by car were given an offer, to come by bicycle, in case that they can (if the distance is not too big to go by bicycle). In turn, they would get free gym classes three times a week. Benefits of this approach were multifold. The overall health of our employees increased, and we kept fighting for more eco-friendly systems. Those who came by public transport also had a choice, and that is to donate old paper once a week, for our gathering.


Our company had several large warehouses, and those need constant maintenance. It is decided to replace standard neon lighting with more efficient LED type of bulbs. These gave much more light, but used far less electric energy than the previous ones. During this procedure, I have noticed several large stains made of machine oil. We determined that those were made by three lifters we had, so we decided to replace them. A friend of mine was working for company Genie lift, so he recommended taking several electric-powered models into consideration, and to see which will suit the best. It is needless to say that our warehouses are much cleaner now, and that the ground around it is not jeopardized anymore.

To conclude this article, these measures are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do. Our next plan is to educate our staff, to hold family classes twice a month, and to gain three or four fighters for our cause, instead of three.

And of course, once Tesla hits mass production, we have plans prepared for that. To be the first company among other competitors to be completely free of fossil fuel. It will be also our way to promote ourselves a bit.

Melissa Stevens, the author of this article, is an eco-friendly DIY enthusiast,
vegetarian, pet owner and mother of a cute boy.

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