Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home

Cutting down on the bill a bit might not be a money saving option that you’ll instantly feel, but trimming the payments piece by piece can do wonders in the long run. Sure, installing a programmable thermostat, for example, might not end up saving you wads of cash, but no item on the list of conscientious energy consumption really can. Well, not individually anyway, but add those little seemingly trivial finance crunchers and you’ll end up with a bill with significantly less digits.


“Now, how could proper insulation possibly save me money?” – you’re wondering. Well, it can’t, not by itself, no. But having a properly cushioned home, without tiny holes for draft to squeeze in cold air through, means not having to constantly crank up the heat in winter months, and this directly influences your bill.

By opting for insulation on both sides of your house’s foundation (walls and ceilings aren’t necessarily excluded), not only are you preventing cold air from entering and heat from escaping, but you’re sound-proofing your house as a bonus – no need to be unable to fall asleep at night on account of urban noise, or for neighbors to have insight into your private life.

image 2Save Water

If you’re one who enjoys a steaming shower (as I’m sure most of us are), this might come as a disappointment – boilers do wonders in raising your energy bill. However, if having a hot shower is your perfect getaway, there’s more money-saving actions you can take, with regards to water. I’m not going to go through all the nagging about how you should never leave the faucet on account of modern-day predictions of a world rid of drinkable water – this goes without saying. Motion sensor faucets used to be a thing of luxury solely concentrated within hotels and shopping malls.

Nowadays, however, these have become more than affordable. Never again spend an ounce of water more than needed, as this is not only ecologically-negligent, but may well end up an accomplice to your savings account drainage.


While I can understand the ignorant bliss of spending ages inside a steaming bathroom, meditating, while water pours and pours into the drain, leaving one’s home gleaming like it is the New Years’ eve in Vegas is something that makes my skin crawl. Forget about all the unnecessary energy release pollution for a second and just think about what this does to your bill.

If you cannot make turning all the lights off a habit, post a note on your house door. Now, if you are mindful about keeping your home in darkness while you are away, but still want to trim that energy bill, feel free to look for some alternative lighting solutions, like LED lights, which consume less energy and, therefore, are less costly. These lights, which come in various shapes and sizes nowadays can end up saving you as much as $50 a year, when it comes to your electric bill.

image 4

Be Wary of the Standby

It might seem that you switched off your laptop by simply closing it, but it is, in fact, still on. Although the device consumes only a tiny chunk of energy it would when working at its regular pace, you can still add to your yearly savings by simply ordering it to shut down completely. Furthermore, turning off any device extends its life manifold.

Although individually, these tips make for an insignificant impact upon your bill, when combined they could save you whopping amounts of money. The best part is, none of these advices are difficult to squeeze into your daily routine. So why should you opt out of some extra pocket money? Start saving now!

Pix via                                Diana Smith, the author of this article, is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls. Diana is interested in topics related to home improvement and DIY.



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