A Planet-Friendly Bathroom

Our bathroom is one of the most essential parts of our home, and there are numerous reasons why. First of all, it is a highly functional room.

Second, to some people it is a sort of a sanctuary, their own little private getaway. However, like any other part of our home sooner or later it needs a remodeling.

This remodeling does not have to be exclusively visual but practical as well. With this in mind, it would be best if you were to equip your bathroom in a planet friendly manner.

Why go green?

The answer to this question is quite an obvious one, you do it for the future of our planet. As a Roman poet once said, our children shall reap the fruit of our labor, so we owe it to our progeny to leave this world a better place. Additionally, there are many financial benefits of going green. All of these appliances save energy, which means that each following power and water bill, will be smaller and smaller. In the long run, this can mean a world to your home budget.

Solving the light issue

image 3 (2)It is a fact that natural light simply has no adequate substitution. Unfortunately, in your bathroom, you cannot just install a huge window for obvious reasons. This means that you are mostly restricted to the use of artificial light. Although this may seem as not that bad of a thing, it does boost your power bill significantly. The solution, lies in replacing regular bulbs with LED ones. By doing this you will do both yourself and your planet a gigantic favor. Another thing you can do is install a quality mirror on the wall. Its reflective power can significantly improve the illumination of your bathroom.

High tech toilet

A grim truth is that our world faces an imminent crisis caused by an exhaustion of clean water. Because of this, it is a funny yet true that as simple thing as installing one of the low flush toilets can help save the world. Even though this technology is in existence from the early 1990s it is constantly under improvement. Some of the modern high tech toilets can perform the same as a regular toilet can but with only 40% of the water. Truly an incredible notion and one nearly impossible to top.

Some other low flush appliances

In a recent conversation with a plumber from Sydney we came to understand that same as with the toilet, there are many other appliances that you can replace for a more sustainable ones. Installing a low flush shower or even a low flush faucet can be huge for your bathroom. Although it is true that introducing all of these changes at once may cause a serious budget breach the savings on your water bill alone will in time make up for this. Sometimes you need to pay just a bit more right now in order to pay a lot less in the future.

Insulation is the key

image 2 (2)Even though we already mentioned some bathroom appliances and lights that simply devour energy there is another issue that needs to be addressed: the issue of heating. Regardless what heating source you might be using in your home, the situation can always be made better with the right insulation.

Insulate your bathroom walls and replace your bathroom window with a double-glazing one. This way the difference will be drastic in a positive way. However, not only walls and windows can be protected this way. You can always put a layer of protective material around your water heater or its pipes and significantly improve its performance.

image 4

There is probably nothing better than knowing you did all that you could for your planet and at the same time, doing miracles for your budget. This is a genuine win-win scenario if there ever was one. Finally, these changes are usually so subtle that you won’t even notice them at first but after a while, you won’t be able to remember how you could ever have lived without them.

Images via                                          Diana Smith, the author of this article, is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls. Diana is interested in topics related to home improvement and DIY.

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