5 Ways Disruptive Technology Can Make Your Life More Eco-Friendly

According to a Time article, all the phones that will be sold in 2018 will be smartphones. Also, the same article claims that the expected disruptive technology in 2015 will be the Internet.

While the Internet has been here for a while now, it hasn’t really reached into all the parts of the world. Since this is expected in 2015, it will have big economic, social and political effects.

While disruptive technologies have so much effect on our lives, here are the five ways that you can use them to make your life greener.


This is considered disruptive technology because it completely changed the way data is stored, shared and kept. It changed a lot of business processes and it can change your life, as well. Using cloud for your needs will definitely make you use less paper and ink. Everything that doesn’t need to be printed, copied or used in any other form than its e-form, shouldn’t. It can all be shared and worked on in a cloud. Using the cloud reduces the amount of paper that you use, this leads to less garbage and less trees to be cut down.

Battery Storage

Battery storage of energy means that the energy once produced can be kept and used later. This is a great impact on the way the energy is saved and used. That is why this type of disruptive technology is essential for a greener lifestyle. By using the battery storage, you can save the energy made from the alternative sources like, sun, wind or water and store it for later. This will reduce your usage of the fossil fuels. A good gaming laptop with good performances can operate completely by using the energy you stored from your solar panels.

Renewable Energy

Disruptive technology that deals with the alternative energy sources changes the way we thing about our energy consumption. It includes solar panels, wind turbines and exploiting hydropower. You can use it by starting with smaller solar panels and utilizing them to make renewable energy for your home. Some people even use DIY solar panels. You probably won’t be able to switch entirely from the fossil fuels to the renewable energy, but even a part of your consumption means something.

Plug Load Sensors

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This is yet another way to wisely use the electricity. These are mostly electricity regulating systems that you implement on your plug in devices around the home or the office. They cut off the energy if they detect that the devices are not used. This gets rid of the ‘vampire power’ that makes up to 15% of the overall energy consumption.

Smart Outlet

Similar to the plug load sensors, these smart outlets cut off the energy to devices after a time period that you choose. This means that you can plan to leave the house and leave your appliance finishing the work, knowing that in half an hour it will be stopped because the outlet will cut off the power and preventing it from being wasted.

There are many interesting apps today that can measure your energy consumption, calculate your ecological footprint and even suggest ways to improve. They will probably make the most advancing disruptive technology outbreaks in the future. For the time being, these technologies should be implemented into your daily life.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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