Make Your Outdoor Furniture Eco-Friendly

The furniture industry is one of the polluting industries. They use a lot of harmful chemicals that include adhesives, finishes and topcoats. These chemicals release toxic substances that pollute the air and cause smog.

These claims are made by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, wooden furniture is one more reason for destroying forests if it is not made from the wood obtained from the sustainably managed forests.

If you want to take care of your environment and still have nice outdoor furniture, all you can do is reduce the impact that it has on your environment. Here are some of the ideas on how to choose the right materials for your outdoor furniture.

Rattan and Bamboo

These materials are durable and amazing. Moreover, the furniture made from them looks absolutely stunning and it fits well into any sort of environment. It is light and easy to move. Rattan doesn’t need any sort of substance to be put on it to treat it. It is naturally resistant to all sorts of fungus and molds. While you can argue that transport takes time and uses fuel, it is still beneficial because rattan harvests support a lot of local economies. Bamboo has the same characteristics. It is also very easy to grow and it grows extremely fast. This means that it can be replaced quickly.

image 2Reusable Furniture

There is always the option of reusing the old furniture. The newest trends suggest using the old indoor furniture for the outside environment. It looks interesting and it looks like something from a movie. For example, use the old armchairs or sofas and change their upholstery. Use materials that are durable and easily wiped or cleaned.

Opt for synthetic materials, and cover them with covers that you can take in once you are done with spending time outside.  You can find some very interesting pieces on the local garage sales for a very small amount of money. In that way, you will reuse the furniture that would end up as waste.

Recycled Plastic

If it has to be plastic, use recycled plastic. It is labeled as HDPE which stands for High Density Polyethylene. This type of plastic comes in all shapes and sizes and the designing possibilities are just endless. Moreover, they can sustain any sort of weather and all sorts of conditions. This is what makes them an easy and good choice.


image 1When you think that wood is your best bet after all, you need to make sure that the wood is durable and that it will last long. If you have to use it, at least you can do is to make furniture that will last for decades. Another thing that you need to think about is where the wood comes from.

Make sure that your furniture is made from the wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. This means that those forests are planned and that the wood taken from there will not be missed and the eco-system will not be harmed. Different types of cedar and teak are the most durable options. This is what outdoor furniture Sydney gardens usually feature.

Eco-friendly furniture for your garden is one more way for you to take care of your environment. Choosing the right material or simply choosing to reuse the old furniture helps. The best thing about the eco-friendly choices of your outdoor furniture is that it can look amazing and your choices are limitless.

Therefore, try and find the best idea for your outdoor space and you will certainly find the way to equip it with stuff that won’t hurt the planet.

Images via                                                             Diana Smith, the author of this article, is a full-time mom of two beautiful
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