Best Eco-Friendly Pet Products

For those truly committed to living a greener lifestyle and reducing their carbon footprint, that effort should also extend to products purchased for your feline and canine companions.

In addition to living greener in all aspects of life, pets that live in the same environment as their human companions are impacted at higher levels than humans when it comes to chemical hazards. In one study, dogs had 2.4 times more PFCs than people and cats had 23 times more PBDEs.

Since pets are impacted even more by exposure to chemical toxins and thus benefit just as much if not more from eco-friendly products, it only makes sense to seek out eco-friendly solutions.


Olive offers environmentally friendly products for dogs and cats. Their product catalog features everything from collars and leashes to toys.For example, the Eco Pouncer is a toy made from sheep’s wool. It is handmade, and a portion of the profits go to protect snow leopards in Mongolia.

Dog Beds

The Ultimate Green Store carries a nice selection of green products for pets. You’ll find a few different choices in dog beds and cat cozies. One of the more interesting selections is from Holy Lamb Organics and is made of organic cotton and wool. It is a large, fluffy pillow-type bed. In addition, the company sees that any growers of their products participate in a sustainable wool program. This means they have to make sure their flocks are treated humanely and raised in a chemical-free environment. The result is clean, high-quality wool.

pet0Earth Dog Hemp Products

Earthdog offers a wide variety of products made from hemp.All the products are made by hand. They use only non-toxic procion dyes to make their products. The company as a whole is committed to lessening human footprints on earth.Ten percent of all profits go to a non-profit that helps with spay and neuter programs.

Earth Bath

When it comes to bathing your pet, earthbath offers some terrific products that are eco-friendly and gentle on your pet’s sensitive skin.These pet shampoos are 100% natural. The company makes sure the shampoos are non-toxic to your pet. They are free of sulfates, paraben, phthalates and phosphates. Ingredients are all human grade.In addition to shampoos, the company also offers pet wipes, conditioners, spritzes and waterless shampoos.

Dog Poop Scoop Bag

The Dog Poop Scoop Bag is eco-friendly and biodegradable.The site lays out that up to a trillion plastic bags are used every year and take as much as 1,000 years to break down. Because of this, some towns have banned plastic bags. If you live in an area where you have to take your dog for a walk and pick up after he does his business, this can make life difficult. Enter the poop scoop bags, which are made out of made of 100 percent recycled paper and degrade easily.

When creating a sustainable home, you have to consider every aspect of your residence, from ceiling to floor and even outside the home. Even the type of fertilizer you use in your yard can impact your children, your pets, and you. With a little foresight and by choosing products that will make the earth a greener place to live, you can do your part toward green living.

James, the author of this article, is a kombucha tea-sipping blogger who focuses on green building and sustainable living via his family blog Homey Improvements. He also enjoys sharing his recent discoveries with DIY projects, home tips and organic gardening. James is “Alaska Grown” but now resides in PA.
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