How to Train your Cat to Use the Litter Box

You might be thinking that training your cat to use the litter box would be such a difficult job. But it is not. Compared to dogs, it is a far easier process.

When you bring a cat to your house, cat litter training is one of the most important things to do. And, they are very quick to pick it up. Once they are on, they will hardly deviate from it.

Cats are habit-driven animals and if you establish a routine, they will follow it to the T. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much about the training part at all.

However, there are a couple of things you need to remember when it comes to cat litter training. What are they? Let’s take a look.

How Many Cats Do You Plan To Have?

First and foremost, you need to address this question. How many cats do you plan to have at your home? You will need individual cat litter boxes for each and every cat. However, if there are only two cats, they can share a litter box, especially if it’s one designed for multiple cats. But you will need to clean it every once in a while.

Now, what is the next thing you need to remember? The placement of the cat litter box is the next most important thing. They don’t like it when you keep the litter box close to their food bowl. Also, they like this to be a quiet and private place. So, keep it away from a crowded place.

The Training

Now let’s get to the business. It’s time to see how you can train your cats. So, how to start the training? Place the kitten several times in the litter box every day until it gets the idea.

In most cases, it will get it quicker than you think. If the kitten grew up with the mother cat, the kitten might already have learned it from the mother.

Hold their paw and gently scratch through the litter and they will take a hint. So the training process is not that difficult at all as you assume.

cat01Have A Spare Box

Even after teaching them to use the litter box, you might see your cat doing it outside the litter box. There is only one reason behind this behavior. The litter box might be full or dirty.

So in that case, having a spare box is going to be very helpful in dealing with that. If there is a foul smell coming out of the litter box, your cat will choose to do it somewhere else in the room.

And you definitely don’t want this to happen. Cats are clean freaks and they won’t like to use the litter box if it is dirty. So it is really important to keep it clean. You need to clean the litter box every day. But if you are using an automatic litter box, you don’t need to worry about cleaning at all.

Litter box training requires good patience from your side. It is a little kitten and it definitely needs time to understand how it works. If you are patient with your cat, the cat will learn it faster than you think.

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