Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bills This Summer

There are four ways to lower your energy consumption before summer arrives. Everyone will benefit because energy use will reduce dramatically in four areas of your home.

The Basement

If you clean the filters in your air conditioner each month, the unit will use less energy to cool the basement. To increase your energy savings, hire a professional at least once a year. If a component does not function effectively and efficiently, the technician will perform the proper repairs. Without maintenance, your energy costs could increase throughout the summer.

When shopping for a new air conditioner, choose a unit that has a 16 to 21 efficiency ratio. A geothermal cooling system is highly recommended because it pulls ambient air from pipes that are buried five feet underground.

Air conditioner installation projects are complicated, so a professional technician must be hired. Reputable companies like One Hour Conditioning & Heating provide services to locals 24 hours a day. Besides installation services, the staff also offers air conditioner repair and maintenance services.

General Areas

Your entire house should not have any leaks. To seal the leaks, a professional may be needed because you cannot find every leak without specialized equipment. An auditor uses diagnostic gadgets to locate cracks where cool air can escape. In most cases, a blower door test will be conducted; this procedure pinpoints leaks by reducing air pressure in the home.

If you cannot afford an auditing service, you can inspect the home yourself. According to experts, the most vulnerable areas are the doors, windows, and baseboards. When you find a leak, use caulking or foam to seal it.

Living Room

If you shut off the television whenever the living room is empty, your energy costs will remain low throughout the summer. To stop energy consumption completely, remove the plug from the outlet because a television continues to pull energy while it is turned off.

If shutting off the television regularly seems like a hassle, buy a new television that has a great efficiency rating. Although a plasma screen is stylish, it uses more energy than an LCD television.


Frequent baking on hot days will make your air conditioner work harder. To keep your energy costs low, use a toaster or grill instead of the oven.

If you implement these procedures throughout your home, you will keep more money in your pocket during the summer.

Lizzie Weakley, the author of this article, is a freelance writer.


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