Hyundai to Tap Green Prospects of Hydrogen Cell Technology

EVs, no doubt, have started representing a significant share in the global automotive space. But among the EVs, the greener Hydrogen Fuel cells are yet to take off. Yet, Hyundai envisions this technology as the future, and is holding aloft plans to invest more in the technology.

A total of $10 billion will be put on the table by the Korean automobile manufacturer in a bid to raise the share of hydrogen fuel cell models. The amount is not solely dedicated towards hydrogen cell development, it will also be covering the segments of hybrid vehicles and EVs. But Kim Sae Hoon, Hyundai fuel cell design team’s GM believes it would be wise to lay an emphasis on fuel cell technology.

As of now, only 273 Tuscon Fuel Cell SUVs have been rolled out of the Hyundai factory, way short of their aim of selling 1,000 vehicles.

Talking of other companies that are involved with fuel cell technology, Toyota has been riding pole position ever since the launch of the much buzzed-about Mirai Fuel Cell.

While Hyundai brought their fuel cell-powered vehicles at a cost of $76,000 to the American shores, Toyota managed to cut the prices, and is now running across the US markets for $57,000. Honda will soon be joining forces with the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

Besides the green factor, fuel cell vehicles also offer an upper hand in terms of the range over EVs, something which has been hindering the EVs from thrusting forward. But still, Hyundai believes that it may take another 10 years for the hydrogen cells to dominate the green vehicles scene, mostly due to higher prices and scarcity in fueling stations.

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