How to Green-up Your Kid’s Childhood

Today, it seems that the fight for truly eco-friendly environment has become one of the most controversial topics ever. We always read about terrible consequences of global warming, see various endangered animal species die and hear about thousands of woods all around the world that are simply being wiped off the map. But, what’s the point worrying about all of this, when we simply cannot do or change anything, right?

Well, that’s not completely true. Although this entire process takes up so much effort and awareness on a global level, people are constantly trying to go green and improve both their environment and personal lives.  Most importantly, this is so easy for us to change our habits in the 21st century, when eco-friendly technologyis rapidly developing.

It is general knowledge that we all learn things faster as kids. Therefore, if you want to really contribute to our planet, apart from going green on your own, you should also teach your kids to respect nature, by greening-up their childhood from the very beginning. Here are a couple of simple, almost effortless ways for you to do that!

Don’t waste water

Don’t waste water

It has always been inexplicable to us why children are so fascinated with water. They would rather wash their hands in the bathroom for hours than playing with their favorite toys. However, what you always need to keep in mind that wasting large amounts of water is one of the most crucial ecological issues today. So, you should definitely teach your kids not to play with water and to use a small stream that is sufficient for them to wash their hands properly. You could even green-up your bathroom by installing one of those amazing low-flow or motion sensor faucets and toilets.


Recycling is one of the first things your kid should learn, especially because it’s super-easy. Instead of providing your kid with a multitude of facts about recycling, try to focus on both educational and fun approach, where your kid will understand the importance of this entire action, and still be amused. Explaining your kid that recycling is a vital part of their growth, as well as teaching them to differentiate recyclable materials is a great starting point. You can also encourage your kid participate in various clean litter communities and, soon their new habits will impress you!

Eco Toys

Bring out eco toys!

Children learn everything through creative processes and games. That’s exactly why one of the best ways to green-up their childhood is through eco toys that are free from all dangerous chemicals and numerous toxic substances. Most importantly, neither your kid nor others will notice the difference because eco toys come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Organic food

Organic food!

”You are what you eat,” an old proverb says. Since this statement is 100% true, we should always mind what our children eat. Organic food is an amazing way for you to be completely sure that your kid intakes yummy and natural ingredients, free from various harmful toxic substances.

Organic clothes!

If you’re planning to go green and teach your kid about some real ecological values, you should definitely switch your regular clothes with the organic one. If you want to avoid the risk of annoying inflammations, rashes, or even skin cancer, organic clothes are the right thing for you. Unlike regular clothes, it is not chemically treated, which enables your kid feel completely comfortable and be healthy.

In the past, when eco-friendly and sustainable solutions were just a distant, futuristic idea, going green and teaching your kids to develop ecological consciousness was both extremely expensive and difficult. On the contrary, today, eco-friendly walk of life has become our reality and, most importantly, it’s available to anyone.

If you aren’t still sure about greening-up your kids’ childhood, consider it a long-term investment in both their healthier life and our planet’s future. Believe us; it’s similar to planting trees for one day, as they grow up, you will be proud on what they have become!

Ariel Bellamy, the author of this post,  is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written,
sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and
all things healthy – as in battle for happiness


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