Eco-Friendly Pregnancy:  Going Green While You’re Expecting

Going green when you are expecting is a life-changing decision. Most mothers make this decision in an effort to save money, help the environment and to raise their baby in an eco-friendly manner. There are dozens of little things you can do to go greener during your pregnancy.

Check Your Vitamins

Keeping an eye on your vitamin intake will no doubt improve your pregnancy. Look for 100% natural vitamin brands and plant-based supplements. Make sure you get vitamins that don’t contain questionable fillers, and look for labels that say they’re easier on the digestive system.

Be a Conscious Shopper

Being pregnant usually means getting an entirely new wardrobe. This isn’t eco-friendly in any sense of the word. If you can, choose clothing pieces that will work after pregnancy too. You can also pick up designer maternity wear from consignment shops. By doing this, you will be reducing and reusing clothes that would otherwise be tossed out.

Reduce the Use of Chemical-laden Products

Every makeup product, lotion, perfume and soap you use is filled with ingredients that are harsh on the skin and irritating to nasal passages. What you put on your body can sometimes be absorbed into the skin. Maternal fetal specialist Dr Gilbert Webb recommends avoiding certain cosmetic procedures, like visits to the nail salon, until 12 weeks into your pregnancy. This will help limit your exposure to acrylics and other strong chemicals commonly found in commercial cosmetic products. If you already have tons of products, don’t waste them. Donate them to someone in need, and then buy healthier alternatives for your pregnancy. Products to consider switching include sunscreen, perfumes and lotions. You want to go with essential-oil fragrances, mineral sunscreen and lotions made with pure cocoa or pumpkin butter.

Switch to Natural Cleaning Supplies

This is a good habit to get into when you are pregnant, and it is important to keep it throughout raising your child. Babies and toddlers love to pick things off of surfaces and put them in their mouth. If you are constantly cleaning with industrial-strength chemicals, your fetus could be exposed to these. When you are pregnant, the strong odors can upset your stomach and even cause fainting. You can make your own cleaners with vinegar, water and an essential oil for fragrance. The vinegar smell dissipates quickly. You will have a safer home for everyone who lives there.

Ask for Green Gifts

Baby showers are often tricky for expecting mothers who want to be environmentally friendly. Make sure your wishlist contains items that meet a green code of standards. People wrongfully assume these are more expensive, but they can be quite affordable. Include a variety of items on your gift registry. Make sure your invitation gives a little blurb about the kind of gifts you want to receive and why. This will help people understand and respect what you are doing for your family.

Eat Locally

Eating organic is no doubt a buzzword on the mouths of expecting mothers everywhere. Eating locally might be even more important. Local foods support your local economy, and they don’t travel as far to get to your plate. Buying local cheeses, meats and produce is an excellent way to get nutritious food. Even if it isn’t organic, you know that it came from an area nearby. You can speak with the farmers to learn more about their growing process. Everyone wins. If you are lucky enough to live near a source of seafood or freshwater fish, you can get healthy options without PCBs and much lower amounts of mercury.


Starting a garden when you’re expecting can be a relaxing hobby. You can buy plants instead of waiting for seeds. After that, you just need to tend to them. Buying organic plants for your eco-friendly garden will encourage you to compost and use scraps to fertilize your garden. It is the ultimate in going green.

Enjoy Mother Nature

You will soon be a new mom. Take time to enjoy the peace that mother nature has to offer and relax. Experiencing the beauty of a forested park, lakes or other parts of nature will center your mind and body.

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