No Time to Hit the Gym? Try simpliFITy

Does lack of time stand in the way of your healthy living? If time constraints have been forbidding you from hitting the gym or taking a stroll in the park, you are not alone. There are many who face the same problem.

And for them, Energy Alternatives India (EAI), a leading renewable energy and sustainability research firm, has brought forth a unique Smartphone Health App. The app, a forerunner in the Indian terrain, has been christened “simpliFITy” and is said to be the first to be tailored to Indian health needs and constraints.

Boasting the potential to convert tens of millions of non-doers into doers of health activities,  simpliFITy is currently available for Android phones, and coming soon for other platforms too.

Going by what Narasimhan Santhanam, Co-founder  and Director, Energy Alternatives India, says, every human being wishes to be healthy, but a large number of people do no health activities because of lack of time and awareness. This in fact brings in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Unlike other apps that mainly target those who are already into fitness activities, simpliFITy is for the 90 percent of people who do nothing, he adds.

3 min pack 2

simpliFITy in effect enables fitness activities by attacking the root of the problem – lengthy time durations required for these activities. The app combines short three minute health activities that can be done anywhere with effective, customized reminders throughout the day.

The core of simpliFITy focuses on three main health activities, such as 3-minute exercise packs, 5 minute power walks and 3 minute deep breathing exercises. EAI says that research has proven that  these activities alone can provide significant health benefits if done regularly.

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