Home Eco-Décor Ideas You Would Want to Try

The newest trend in home decoration is perfect for people who like to live in contact with nature and enjoy designing their own pieces of furniture and interesting decorations to make their home relaxing and comfortable.

The possibilities are endless and all you need is your own imagination and material that you can find in the garden, park or your cellar. Eco-decor is a brilliant way for you to decorate your home in case your home needs  expensive major restoration and water extraction, also you can find best water extractor at all point restoration and you cannot afford to spend money on new furniture  and decorations.

Now is the time for you to stop throwing away card boxes, old pots and jars. They can be used for lovely home decorations in eco style. If you cannot find what you need at home, garage sales or auction sites are the places to visit. People tend to spend money on expensive lamps, vases and pictures to decorate living rooms or kitchens , but with some dedication and creative ideas you can become a true artist and turn your home into an amazing place.

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How To Create Eco Style Details 

The best ideas come when you least expect them. When you need a hobby or leisure activity to relax, home decoration might be the best choice to express your inner creativity. You can find many magazines and online resources that offer  ideas about  how to create eco decorations for your home. Once  you learn about basic techniques, you will come with your own ideas and make unique items. Here are some tips for beautiful handmade eco style designs

  • Decorate walls with tree branches, put them behind the sofa to get a stunning eco style decoration
  • Use leaves, flowers and wood to make wonderful centerpieces for family dinner and celebrations
  • Make your own Christmas decorations out of pine cones, spray them with silver or golden color and hang on your Christmas tree. You can also use colorful paper to wrap pebbles and use instead of expensive baubles. Your kids can help you make dozens of decorations like this.
  • Use tree stumps to make coffee tables, one large and two small ones and decorate or paint them
  • Glass jars are great for vases especially if you paint them and insert a few branches through the lid. You can also use different kinds of jars for rice, pasta or sugar, or make interesting lamps.
  • Shells, starfish and pebbles can be used for making frames, decorating boxes and you can glue several shells on sides of your bathroom mirror.
  • You probably have necklaces, bracelets and earrings at home that you need to organize and keep in one place. Try to make a holder out of branches.
  • A great way to change things in your home and go green is to get new bed and sofa covers in natural colors or make your own patchwork style covers from old T-shirts .
  • Decorate your living room by painting one of the walls then glue shells or branches, dry flowers and hand-made pictures on the wall. It can be your own little home exhibition that your guests will enjoy.
  • Visit local second-hand stores, exchange ideas and collect items you can recycle or use to make decorations, educate your kids and family how to improve health and stay positive by creating eco friendly items.

 Sunny Popli, the author of this article, is a home interior & home decor writer and
frequent blogger for variety of a online publication. He is a also managing
partner at All Point Restoration, which offers fire, mold, and
water damage restoration in Orange County, CA. 

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