Eco-Kitchen: Great Ways to Green Up Your Kitchen

As people look for ways to live more sustainably, the kitchen seems like an easy place to make significant but simple changes that can benefit environment. Here are a few easy things you can implement to create a more sustainable (and budget-friendly) kitchen.

Buy Local & Grow Your Own

Farmer’s markets, neighborhood gardens, rural roadside stands and co-ops are some ways to purchase local food. You can grow your own food and herbs outside or inside.

Consider bartering services, items or food with neighbors who also have home gardens. The less your food has to travel to make it to your kitchen, the less negative environmental impact is made.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

You can reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging you consume, look for ways to reuse packaging and recycle what cannot be reused. Think of ways you can buy less and reuse packaging. For example, rather than purchasing novelty canning jars to use as glasses, consider saving jelly jars. There are other items that can be used again in unique ways.


If you decide to grow your own garden, a compost heap can serve your own needs. Alternatively, it may be something you can barter with others. Coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells and vegetable cuttings do not need to go to waste in the trash when they can be used to create life-giving compost.

local farm produceUse Natural Cleaning Products

There are several companies that provide natural solutions free of harmful chemicals. Of course, you can also make your own cleaning supplies out of things you probably already have in the kitchen, such as white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Cook At Home & Cook In Bulk

Cooking fresh food for yourself saves packaging and is healthier than prepared foods, packaged meals or take-out and delivery. You can plan ahead and cook more at a time to eat leftovers for a few days, or you can freeze portions for later eating. Cooking also provides fodder for your compost pile.

Invest In Quality & Recycled Materials

If buying appliances, look for Energy Star-certified items. Look after your appliances to keep them in good working order so they are not wasting energy due to damage. If upgrading or remodeling, consider looking for new appliances at sites like, which offers Energy Star-rated appliances. Using less energy is a great first step towards creating a sustainable home.

It isn’t difficult to embrace green living in your kitchen, and doing so may inspire you to go green elsewhere in your home and life.

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